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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Orientation October 5-10 --- All Out with the MP3 Talks (and Revolution newspaper)

From the WCW website:

Actions to Drive Out the Bush Regime occurred from coast to coast on October 5 in over 200 locations. Several thousand took to the streets in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, hundreds acted in cities such as Tucson, Portland, Atlanta, and Austin, and in many small towns and cities scores of people went to intersections, town centers, local beaches, and wherever they thought they would reach the most people in their areas with the message that This Regime Does Not Represent Us and We Will Drive it Out.

Across the country, people young and old showed the heart and courage to confront the reality of the fascistic and war mongering direction the Bush Regime has been driving this country and the entire world. Together, we made a powerful and precious political statement - one that is being debated and seriously considered but that must still be acted on by people in a more massive way to actually shift the political dynamics in this country. The thousands who acted are the nucleus of a spreading movement that must now go on and win the argument with those who still are on the sidelines. Where Bush's whole agenda is repudiated and he and his Regime must leave office in disgrace. THE WORLD CAN'T WAIT, DRIVE OUT THE BUSH REGIME!

In New York, we received a warm reception from many of the people who came out determined to drive out the bush regime, as well on the route of the march. Some of the team members had people coming up to them, asking what was the newspaper all about. At different moments there was a scene with the Spanish paper team getting the paper into the hands of workers at stores along the route. People asked if it was the newspaper of Bob Avakian’s party. We met many people who are very, very concerned about the future and who were curious and looking for ways out of the madness. Our orientation called for people to be introduced to the party and the Chairman thru the newspaper and hundreds of people met us thru that. Some of the comments about the cover article on Bush/Hitler and people’s response to the centerfold: who is this guy?, curiousity about the Memoir. Some people who had heard of Chairman Avakian and others just found out about the paper. We did not reach the full potential in the mass of people who were there, building strength along the way, and putting the paper in people's hands, at what could be a turning point in their lives, meeting the Chairman though the pages of the newspaper, something and someone who has the potential to actually lead us out of this.

Right now we want to consolidate what we did indeed bring forward, the contacts made, etc. One thing to note is that people came to a listening session of the Talks off of the flyering on Oct 5). The principal way that people will further meet the party and the Chair right now and through which relationships are further developed and consolidated should be by listening to the 7 talks now. Our aim is to get out over the next week: 1000 MP3s, 8000 papers, and raise $4500.

There is now a greater basis and a greater necessity to get these talks out—familizaring people with the sweep of our communist ideology and goals overall, and continuing to build on the synergy between getting out the 7 Talks and mobilizing the masses to drive out the Bush regime. From the article in the paper a few weeks ago: “One thing that comes through: there is nothing else like this speaking to the how-to-live-and-die questions that are on people’s minds… These talks open up, from many different angles, the nature of this system and the need for revolution—and this came through in the correspondence.” The first talk for instance speaks to a big question up on people’s minds. The title says something which we have found many, many people are thinking about “Why are we in the situation we are in today and what to do about it? A Thoroughly Rotten System and the Need for Revolution” This is true for all of the other Talks too, the big questions and contradictions in society that they speak to, which are on people’s minds. We have to grasp that things have changed and meet the new necessities head on, with a vision of what we have here and the openings out there in society.

A point of orientation: we need specific goals for the weekend and next week, and then sum up along the way. Some questions for summation —what are people saying about the talks? Which titles are generating a lot of interest? How have people been able to raise funds? What are the problems you are running into and how to overcome them by relying on the masses? We really need to put these questions and this understanding into the hands of the broadest numbers of people.

There needs to be a big focus on the campuses—primarily Columbia but NYU. At Columbia earlier this week, the Chicano and Black Student organizations disrupted a program put on by the Republicans featuring Minutemen, taking on their program and making it impossible to have their program. This Republican group is bringing a former Nazi (and other reactionaries) to speak early next week to have an even bigger program. The youth need to get with the Chicano and Black student groups. We could have a major impact on a campus. Could the youth get with a campus radio station and talk to them about playing some of Talk 1 for instance? Could the campus be blanketed with 1,000 stickers with the different titles of the Talks? Could the youth then have a flyer announcing listening sessions on the area that evening etc, and then in the neighborhood, go to all the bookstores, and other stores. They should sell MP3 Talks. We could have new distribution centers for the area, etc.

There must be immediate follow up on all the people we just met. If new contacts haven't been call, that must happen immediately. The 7 Talks are the main way to further develop and consolidate off of the 5th. For instance, we should have met a lot of youth on Oct 5th. We need to follow up asap and could set up a listening session for this evening somewhere—and then these youth can be part of going out to Columbia tomorrow—we need to quickly be able to see the potential and then jump to quickly transform the situation.

Some other important things to focus on:

- New Yorker festival – today and tomorrow
- Movies Reds and US vs. John Lennon, So Goes the Nation, and others – Reds especially all week several showings
- Housing project at 2nd avenue in the 20s.
- Union Square generally—the idea is to have a table with the talks, papers etc and then some powerful agitation and people in orange jumpsuits—this is a good idea and could be especially powerful in Columbia.
- Some people came off of articles in El Diario and there has also been coverage in it yesterday and we should really build off the momentum created here with the talks and paper.

Here are goals for some of the areas—in Harlem and Brooklyn, in going back to many of the stores, street vendors etc. we should aim to get out 100 MP3s over the week-end. Please wrangle over this and come up with commensurate goals for the newspaper and for funds to be raised. Everyone should set goals for the 7 Talks and the papers.

(Some further thinking on creating a more dynamic and lively situation: Have someone dress up as George Bush and his gang (Halloween Aventure probably has masks and the bookstore has 1 George Bush mask). The Bush character would go up to one (team member who acts like someone hanging out), points to them, and fingers them as "enemy combatant", forces them to put on the orange jumpsuit, into humiliating poses or kneeling, etc. Then, do the same for other people who are looking on, drawing in masses, audience particpation. Of course, thee are some who will not want to be involved or shy about performance pieces so we should be mindful of them. Also, could include the tearing up of habeus corpus.)


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