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Monday, October 02, 2006

Getting Ready for Oct 5 - (Urgent) Build the Revolution Selling Teams for Thursday!

To All Friends of Revolution Newspaper,

"Bush & Hitler: The Chilling Parallels", "Special four-page supplement: MEET BOB AVAKIAN, Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party" -- These are some of the front page articles in the new issue. This is an amazing issue! We are calling for all those who have read and like the newspaper, who like and love Chairman Avakian, to join the Revolution selling teams to reach the tens of thousands who come on Thursday to drive out the Bush regime. IMMEDIATELY, call everyone you know to join selling teams. On Thursday, we will meet at Revolution books, 9 West 19th Street at 9 AM.

Demonstrations are planned on October 5th in over 175 cities and the number continues to grow on a daily basis. People from all walks of life have seen or heard the World Can't Wait ads and they are preparing to act on October 5th. And, they are acting to change the course of history. We have a tremendous responsibility and necessity to the people to introduce them to Revolution Newspaper and Bob Avakian. These people that hate the direction that the world is headed need to be introduced to a truly liberating ideology, party and leader.

We must step forward into this historic day, October 5th and be on a mission to bring Revolution newspaper and Bob Avakian into this mix. There are indications that turnout might be significant in many places, including here in New York, so everyone should think big and broadly about distribution and who should be called forward to be part of that. We need to think now about HOW WE WILL DISTRIBUTE THOUSANDS of newspapers. And, everyone should have an all day and all night spirit and start making plans right away.

This issue, Revolution #64, will be a 20-page paper, with a 4-page pullout with excerpts from the Memoir and the Observation book. Street Corner Symphonies from the Memoir, Pgs 67-71, the concluding section pgs. 440-446 and Three Alternative Worlds from the Observations book will be excerpted, and the 7 Talks will be featured.

Make the calls, get crews and teams together and make plans now. We have a tremendous opportunity that we must not squander to tell people about a leader, Bob Avakian, and introduce them to a paper that can guide them through the twists and turns of the struggle.


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