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Friday, September 29, 2006



"We have now come to a defining moment."

This is how the statement on torture that is being circulated by World Can't Wait/Drive Out The Bush Regime starts.

Right now, many many people are in profound distress as they confront a moment on which history turns.

All the horrors in the pictures from Abu Ghraib are now legal.

The World Can't Wait/Drive Out the Bush Regime event Monday night, October 2, 7:00 PM the following speakers are confirmed:

*Craig Murray (British ex-ambassador to Uzbekistan who has given powerful testimony at the Bush Crimes Commission on torture),
*Bill Goodman (of Center for Constitutional Rights)
*Mark Ruffalo (movie and television actor, currently in "All the King's Men") will read a statement from Sean Penn.

The event has been moved to Cooper Union (7:00 PM) which holds 900 people – commensurate with the necessity in this moment and the ability of these voices to resonate and contribute in a major way to changing the discourse nationally overnight – as a major vault toward October 5th, bringing forward the critical mass.

Word should spread about this event like wildfire and in all directions! Call forward the hundreds and thousands who are aching for the way to stop the direction of this hated regime – and who are confronting the paucity and complicity of politics as usual – to bring out their friends, family, associates, neighbors. To all those people: We are counting on you to fill this space up. Email and get on the phone to everyone you have numbers for, take copies of the flyers and hand them out on the train, at the movies, or wherever you are this weekend.

Teams will be flyering the movie lines and clubs and raising money. Each team is a "materials depot" with boxes of flyers – this is different from a "flyering team." You will be getting these materials out to the masses in huge quantities. Use the World Can't Wait torture statement to agitate.

Each team should have 1-2 people selling the newspaper and getting out the new Talks

Raise funds!!!! People know that these materials and resources do not fall from the sky, can and will contribute and pledge to raise further funds as they go out and among their friends.

Set goals, meet them and set higher ones. Report daily, sum up scientifically and popularize advances.

Saturday hook-up spots: 9:30 AM at Revolution Books for orientation and then out!

Sunday- all areas to include churches as part of their plans

CHAIRMAN AVAKIAN'S TALKS. The 3rd part of Chairman Bob Avakian's 1st speech, from 30 minutes to 55 minutes, is very important. Take the time out to listen to this.


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