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Monday, September 18, 2006

September 18+ Drive Out the Bush Regime!

Monday, September 18

7 PM – The Guantanamo Guide Book. An extraordinary documentary about the power and cruelty of our officially sanctioned interrogation methods.
This extraordinary film recruited 7 young, physically-fit British men - 3 of them Muslims - to "experience" 48 hours in Guantanamo Bay. Packed in cages, dressed in orange jump suits, and subjected to officially sanctioned techniques including enforced stress positions, "sleep adjustment," and sensory deprivation, some volunteers claim they would have admitted to anything to please their interrogators.
PANEL DISCUSSION with Karen J. Greenberg, Co-Editor of "The Torture Papers" and Executive Director of the Center on Law and Security at NYU School of Law; Tara McKelvey, senior editor, The American Prospect, research fellow, NYU Law School's Center on Law and Security, contributing editor, Marie Claire; Claudia Milne, Executive Producer of The Guantanamo Guidebook; Michael Ratner, President of the Center for Constitutional Rights.
Shinbone Alley, 45 Bleeker Street


8:30AM - Join World Can't Wait as we take part in UFPJ's sidewalk march to the United Nations! From the WCW NY website:
WHERE: 39th St and 7th Ave (by the giant button & needle sculpture).


We dare to get out this very bold message broadly throughout the crowd and to the world. Because it is crucial our dissent be heard, just as Bush is speaking at the UN, but it will not be enough if he and his cronies are allowed to stay in power and commit more crimes! Out of Iraq! No war on Iran! Bush Must GO! We will also get together for a MeetUp Tues night at Think Coffee (at Mercer & West 3rd) at 8PM for anyone who wants to volunteer with the chapter.

7 PM – We Feed The World - "Given the current state of agriculture in the world, it could feed 12 billion people with no problem. Or to put it another way: any child who dies of starvation today is in fact murdered."Jean Ziegler, UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food (Switzerland). In WE FEED THE WORLD, Austrian filmmaker Erwin Wagenhofer traces the origins of the food we eat. His journey takes him to France, Spain, Romania, Switzerland, Brazil and back to Austria. WE FEED THE WORLD is a film about food and globalization, fishermen and farmers, truck drivers and corporate executives - a film about scarcity amid plenty. With its unforgettable images, the film provides insight into the production of our food and answers the question what world hunger has to do with us. Shinbone Alley, 45 Bleeker Street

7 PM - Oil and Global Warming Today: Voices from the Front Lines
Judson Memorial Church, 55 Washington Square South.
It's been a hot summer. Some would say un-naturally so. Join Global Exchange for a special event about global warming and oil over-consumption with grassroots leaders from communities that are severely impacted, including the Arctic, Iraq, New Orleans, Nigeria and the small island nations Micronesia and Tuvalu. Speakers include UN Ambassador Enele Sosene Sopoaga of Tuvalu, which is drowning because of rising sea levels, and Faith Gemmill of the Arctic, which is melting because of rising temperatures.


6:00 PM Rockin the Mic Against Rape at Bowery Poetry Club. Amazing performance artist PIPER ANDERSON hosts a NIGHT OF SOUND AND FURY, of open mic poetry that will Rock the Mic Against Rape for Night in Our City, a grassroots project of the NYC Alliance Against Sexual Assault. @ the Bowery Poetry Club

Wednesday, September 20 - Sunday, September 24
9:30 am to 6:30 pm daily, Prospect Park: Long Meadow at Grand Army Plaza. 33 Million People Uprooted by War - A Refugee Camp in the Heart of the City - 2006, by Doctors without Borders. F train to 7th Ave. station; 2 or 3 train to Grand Army Plaza station; Q train to Parkside Ave. station


5:00 PM - 6:00 PM Support Teachers in Oaxaca, Location: Mexican Consulate- 27 E. 39th St. Demonstration at the Mexican Consulate on 9/21 Protest Repression in Oaxaca, Mexico Defend the Striking Teachers! Thursday, September 21st, 5-6 PM Outside the Mexican Consulate 27 East 39th Street (Between Madison and Park Aves.) The struggle of the Oaxaca teachers and their supporters continues! It is imperative that we let the Mexican Government know that any additional repression against the teachers in Oaxaca will not be tolerated by the international community. We must show our support for the strikers by engaging in as large a demonstration as possible.

6:30 PM. Anderson Cooper in Conversation with Doctors Without Borders. Cooper Union. The Great Hall, 7 East 7th Street at Third Avenue, New York, NY
Please join us as Anderson Cooper, award-winning journalist and anchor of CNN's Anderson Cooper 360°, takes the stage with Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) Executive Director Nicolas de Torrenté, PhD, and long-time MSF aid worker Milton Tectonidis, MD, to discuss the organization's recent humanitarian work around the world, and the challenges it faces delivering medical care in complex crises such as Darfur, Sudan, Lebanon and Niger.

7:03 PM - Iraq: Should We Stay or Should We Go? Columbia University Bookstore, 2922 Broadway. Join us for a discussion of the critical political question of our time. Our expert panelists will be Prof. Andrew Arato (Dept of Sociology, The New School), and Anthony Arnove (author of The Logic of Withdrawal and anti-war activist).


1:00 PM - 5:00 PM, HarlemHouse2006 at Marcus Garvey/Mount Morris Park. HarlemHouse 2006 continues...bringing you the best of House music-Classics, Vocal House, and more: 6 DJs, performances, and good company; outdoors, Saturday 23 September, at the amphitheater at Marcus Garvey/Mount Morris Park, 124th Street and 5th Avenue

7 PM - How is political dissent silenced?
“American Blackout” chronicles the recurring patterns of disenfranchisement witnessed from 2000 to 2004 while following the story of Georgia Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney who, after taking an active role investigating the stories of voter disenfranchisement in 2000, soon found herself in her own election debacle after publicly questioning the Bush Administration about the 9-11 terrorist attacks. “American Blackout” travels from Florida to Georgia to Ohio examining the contemporary tactics used to control our democratic process and silence political dissent. The Tank, 279 Church Street (between Franklin and White).

Sunday, September 24th 2006

12:00 PM - 6:00 PM, Eighth Annual ?DRUM USA? DAY PEOPLES JAM? Location: BELL TOWER of MARCUS GARVEY PARK in HARLEM. Contact: SOUNDSHIP@EARTHLINK.NET We are calling on all peace-loving people, drummers, dancers, singers and other musicians, poets, performers, artists and activists of all cultural traditions and creative persuasions to come out and participate. Don?t forget the children! ?PEACE & drum!?


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