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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Special Revolution supplement on Mexico needs to get out broadly at Mexican Independence Day events this weekend!

Updated Friday September 15, 2006

As Bob Avakian has stressed and is laid out in the Draft Programme, there is an important inter-connection between revolution the U.S. and in Mexico. The current political crisis shaking Mexico is of great importance for people on both sides of the border. With this in mind, over 10,000 copies of a special supplement of the two major articles on this from Revolution #61, “Mexico: the Political Volcano Rumbles” and “Who is AMLO, What Is His Program and Where Does it Lead?” are being printed for the major outpourings of people expected at events in the NYC area this weekend, which marks the anniversary of Mexico’s (and El Salvador and other Central American countries) independence from Spain. These supplements need to get out broadly. This can have a very real impact both on the political terrain here and aiding and supporting our brothers and sisters in Mexico. Further, inspiration and lessons from this can inspire many to act in the battle in the U.S. to Drive Out the Bush Regime.

Contributions are urgently needed for publishing this supplement. Please drop off generous contributions at Revolution Books.

Specific plans:
While the Mexican Independence Day is actually Saturday, September 16th, all the events we have heard about will be occurring on Sunday September 17 2006

12 noon
?NY Times says 10AM - Mexican Day Parade. Madison Avenue from 41st South to 27th Street.

11 AM-6 PM - Mexican Independence Day Festival, 116th Street between 2nd & Lexington Avenues.

10 AM – 6 PM – Junta Hispana, Flushing Meadow Corona Park. This event will feature Hispanic people from Mexico, South American, Central America, the Caribbean.

[There may be other gatherings that we don’t know about in Sunset Park, the Bronx, New Jersey and elsewhere. If you hear of any, please let us know.]

Saturday, September 16th

9:30am-6:30pm "A Refugee Camp in the Middle of the City" Central Park, Cherry Hill at 72nd Street. Sponsored by Doctros Without Borders, exhibit simulates the conditions facing displaced people in Sudan, Chechnya and Colombia. Friday thru Sunday. In Prospect Park, Brookly, Wednesday through Sept 24th.

11am-6pm 37th Avenue Festival, from 83rd to 89th Streets, Jackson Heights, Queens

11am-6pm Stonewall Veterans' ASsociation Festival, Greenwich Avenue, bet. Avenue of Americas & Seventh Avenue, Greenwich Village.

11am-6pm 13th Annual Upper Broadway Autumn Festival. Broadway, between 110th & 118th Streets, Morningside Heights. Sponsored by Interfaith Assembly on Homelessness and Housing

10am-5pm West 104th Street Yard Sale, between West End and Riverside Avenues, Upper West Side. Sponsor: West 104th St. Block Association

5pm "Port Huron Project I: Until the Last Gun is Silent" Central Park, Mineral Springs, north of the Sheep Meadow at West 69th Street. A performance art piece by Mark Tribe, featuring Gina Brown, based on a speech given by Coretta Scott King in the part in 1968. It is the first in a series of performances drawn from political speeches and stage in teh speeches' original settings.

SUNDAY, September 17th

2pm African-American Day Parade, Adam Clayton Powell Jr Boulevard, from 110th to 147th Streets, Harlem

11am-6pm Columbus Avenue Festival, from 66th to 86th Streets

10am to 6pm Atlantic Anti Festival, Atlantic Avenue, between Fourth Avenue and Hicks Street, Brooklyn

Please RSVP to See you then.


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