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Monday, September 04, 2006

Revolution Teams Schedule for September 5-7

September 5, 2006 (Updated)

Revolution Team Schedule for September 5-7

Our aim is to saturate these neighborhoods with flyers and posters the next two days.

Tuesday, September 5th: East & West Villages

AM Stores & restaurants

1pm West Village: Meet at 8th Street & 6th Avenue

Wednesday, September 6th: Upper West Side & Columbia U

7am Meet at 116th & Broadway to flyer the subways and then get out in the neighborhood

1pm Meet at the McDonald’s at 96th & Broadway

**6:45pm Get out flyers & papers at the line at the Delacourt Theater in Central Park (if people can, it might be good to also get to the ticket lines before 1pm at the Delacourt theatre or from 1-3pm at the Public Theater at 425 Lafayette St) for FREE READING IN CENTRAL PARK BY DAVID HARE of his new play, STUFF HAPPENS. Show starts at 8pm. one night only, post show discussion with David Hare & Public Theater Artistic Director Oskar Eustis. A provocative and thoughful play about how and why we went to war in Iraq.

Thursday, September 7th: Harlem

7am TBA

Afternoon TBA


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