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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Give Your All, NOW For October 5th!

7 more days until the 5th

Here we are -- September 28, 2006: From the World Can’t Wait home page: “We have now come to a defining moment, where before the world's eyes the U.S. Congress is poised to legalize torture. We reject such a course outright. It does not represent us.”

Give Your All NOW for October 5th!

To quote from the October 1st Revolution Editorial:

“But right now, the political discourse and debate in this country is dominated by the top Democrats and Republicans, and it’s all about ‘who can better fight the war on terror…’

“The discourse and debate must change, radically and urgently. Something different must emerge: a massive force in the streets on October 5, actively demanding that the Bush regime go, and determined to keep fighting until that regime is politically driven out. Such a struggle can politically reverse the deadly momentum of events in the U.S. and worldwide, making known to millions and millions across the planet that there are people right here in the belly of the beast refusing to choose between McWorld/McCrusade and Jihad…people determined to not just “protest as usual” but to drive out this regime… …

“This regime could be driven out. It is possible. The next major step in doing that looms before us, and it can be taken. It is within reach.

“But again—urgent work must be done, now, to transform potential into reality. This paper comes out a little more than a week before October 5. If you are reading this editorial, you must give that week to making October 5 happen. What you do, what you contribute, can be and must be part of making the world change.

“What would you give to stop this juggernaut, to turn this society around?

“What would you sacrifice?

“Start with a week.”
Revolution #63, October 1, 2006

Stay turned to this blog. Friday morning plans for the weekend will be out. Check back then -- but get your crews ready today!


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