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Friday, September 22, 2006

September 22, 2006 - Plans for the Weekend—2 Weeks out to Oct 5!

Everyone should study the centerfold Bob Avakian On the Importance of World Can't Wait and the October 5 Day of Mass Resistance, the editorial, Taking the 7 Talks to the Proletariat and Building for October 5, and listen to Q&A#13 if you have not listened in the past few days, all in preparation for going out this weekend. The Party sees Oct. 5 as essential for laying the groundwork for revolution and also essential for anyone who wants to see something better in the world. This should be a key point of orientation this weekend and then really call forth the masses to step forward and organize to fulfill the vision of Way/Day for Oct. 5. Some of the agitation could be reading from the centerfold. We should also be prepared to play parts of the Talks on the spot when conversations develop, rather than putting our own spin on key points.

A critical part of this plan is to bring forward a core. We should be strategizing with them about how to mobilize these communities for October 5. Many thousands of flyers have gone out in Harlem broadly in the streets and stores, at the African Day Parade, etc. Many have gone out in Brooklyn too (not sure of the quantity), many through people taking stacks with them. Those who have heard about this and like it are part of the reservoir and now, a developing and increasing momentum towards Oct 5. We will not succeed in our efforts if people do not step forward and take responsibility for making this happen and strategizing about how to do this.

Exciting News From Insight Press: Tuesday September 26
"Caribbean Life Newspaper" will be running the Herb Boyd Review of the Memoir from Ike to Mao and Beyond. This will reach a circulation of 126,000 in the Bronx, Manhattan, and the Brooklyn editions. Let's take this moment to get out lots of cards for the Memoir and sell some books too! Insight-Press has 5,000 postcards and posters of the memoir that could be used for promotional materials. You can call their office for supplies.


One team of 3 to do broad work:
1 to sell the paper and 2 people to do WCW organizing. This must include fundraising; this does not mean only having the cans. It means putting a pledge card in front of people asking them to fill it out on the spot, pledge to raise money from friends, family and co-workers discussing it with them and having a way to get back in touch with them!

One team to go out to key social forces in the community and make sure that every key gallery, cultural center, senior citizen center, library, health clinics, churches are being activated to let their constiutencies know about this and call them forth and organize to be out on Oct. 5. A critical component of this is to bring forward some folks from among a developing core to take responsibility for parts of this. Remember we should be strategizing with them including figuring out the top priorities.

Key forces:
Someone should contact DRUM TV immediately. They do a Let the world 'hear you out' on "The 125th Street Soapbox" at 125th & 7th Ave every Saturday afternoon at 1PM to be aired on cable tv every other Sunday afternoon. Will they devote tomorrow afternoon and next Saturday to October 5?
Come up with a list of 50-100 key places and forces in the community and figure out which 20 are the top key ones so you have a first priority tier, and then a second. Here are some suggestions:
Jumel Terrace Books
Harlem United Community Aids Center (provides care to 2300 clients every year)
A senior citizen center 4-5 blocks directly north of Harlem Hospital
Churches: plans should include approaching pastors (do we know which ones fell out on the right side of the debate over gay marriage this past year?) Also flyering the congregations.
Galleries: There are many! Tribal Spears, Casa Frela, Carlito's, others.


The same approach as above should apply to Brooklyn as well. There is definitely the basis for a core in Brooklyn. This needs to be joined with a plan to get organized on a whole other level.

Special attention: Should be given to churches. Who among the core will take flyers to key churches
Haitian media
Medgar Evers College: priority should be to get with the guy who sponsors film showings there and who has already invited Oct 5 to get the word out.

Union Square
The store should take responsibility for getting out very broadly in Union Square this weekend with the above orientation.
This should include Damian.

Events, Films
Everyone except for the Iron Team phone bankers (they will be phone banking in the evenings) should be out at the movie lines in the evenings. You can find out more about Winter Soldier and Nixon/Nixon on the web site for Impact Festival.
Winter Soldier Saturday, 2 pm
Nixon/Nixon Saturday and Sunday, 2 pm
The US Vs. John Lennon Sunshine Theater Evenings
Al Franken: God Spoke IFC Evenings
Jesus Camp - Angelica Film Center, 18 West Houston at Mercer Street 12:00 2:00 4:00 6:00 8:10 10:10 12:10; AMC Empire 25, 234 West 42nd St., 11:20 1:30 3:40 5:50 8:00 10:10 12:20

Everyone out to the churches Sunday morning

Harlem and Brooklyn: smaller teams should go out

Upper West Side:
big focus should be around 96th Street and the Columbia University area.
Make sure we go back to the 40 vendors who put up posters in their windows before the 9/7 meetings. Ask them to take stacks of flyers, monay cans and pledge cards

Park Slope: secondary to Upper West Side

6 – 9:30PM The World Can't Wait NYC Presents:
Jazz Benefit to Drive Out the Bush Regime featuring:
ROY CAMPBELL (trumpet)
MATT LAVELLE (trumpet)

WHERE: Minton's Playhouse
206 - 210 W. 118 St.
bet. 7th & St Nicholas Ave

Special Benefit Performance
Sliding scale $20-$40 Call to reserve tickets: Zeno Perez, 917-673-8648, or 212-969-0772. The Musicians are donating their time & talent to get the word out about this movement building for massive protest and resistance to drive out the Bush Regime.


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