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Saturday, October 07, 2006

October 7, 2006

Plans to Get Out Talks and Paper

Students at Columbia U took righteous political action against Gilchrist, head of the Minutemen. People who had right on their side felt they could and did politically shut down these reactionary forces who were being given a platform in the halls of academia to justify attacks and brutality against immigrants on the border. Now the students are coming under vicious attack in the media, by the college pres who emailed the entire college community, by the Mayor who criticized Pres Bollinger, and various editorials in the tabloids. The College Republicans are sponsoring another event on Wednesday evening 10/11, this time with a former Nazi and a former PLO person who is now a staunch pro-Zionist, and all eyes are going to be on how all this unfolds.

Columbia University has been a focal point for the last several years for attacks on critical thought in academia, and the vitriole in the media claims "academic liberal thuggery" and "victimization" of fascists who in fact have the support of the highest halls of power under this regime.

Talk #7 is very important to get out there along with all the Talks; likewise for introducing people to the Chairman. This week we should be going for injecting the Talks in key areas of concentration along with a major promotional push with the remainder of the thousands of Revolution newspaper we have. Make promotions bundle of 50-100 with subscription cards. Get them out in key communities, in the hands of store owners, street vendors, regular readers of the paper. Raise funds thru 6 week subs and people paying for bundles that they will take out broadly in their community or among their customers, and from ties who can be brought forward in this moment to financially support the newspaper.

We should especially saturate the Columbia University area with bundles of papers and stickers. Stacks of 100+ should be left in the stores and cafes along with the subscription cards. We should stuff professor mailboxes with Talks cards and newspapers with the subscription card and a nice card or sticker right on the paper that says it is a promotional copy.

We should be doing the same in the NYU and East Village area.

Focus Among the Basic Masses
We should make a concerted push with the Talks in the neighborhoods and the projects. We should speak to people there who came to the 5th, some of whom may hav ealready heard some of the Talks and get them hundreds of stickers (new ones are available on the Revcom web site which have one title per sticker.). If they blast this around the area and let people know that people are gathering to get into this the next day, it could be a big hit and there could be a synergy between people havbing been out there on the 5th, bringing forward others and getting intoTalk 1 or the Cosby Talk with growing sections of people. WE should also be saturating with stacks and bundles of papers (see above) and raising funds in the course of this.

Don't forget to report for each day!

3 Day Blitz
Columbia Team
This is a priority this week!

Sunday Teams
Reds, East Village and NYU
Columbia and Upper West Side
2nd Ave Projects
Brooklyn (part of the day with the 2nd Ave projects)

Monday and Tuesday
Columbia, Upper West Side (96th St-125th St)
Reds, NYU and East Village Area
Harlem 2nd Ave project


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