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Saturday, September 02, 2006


Meet up on Monday Morning at 9:30 AM at the corner of Utica Avenue and Eastern Parkway

The World Can't Wait - Drive Out the Bush Regime! October 5!
Build and Join Our Contingent at the Caribbean Day Parade!

We will be going out to one of the largest concentration of Black masses in the world at the Caribbean Day Parade. They are part of a huge reservoir of people who are disgusted, outraged and hold deep hatred for what the Bush Regime is and does around the world. The challenge for us, simple: challenge them to take history into their hands, leave there as organizers for the "Way" and "Day" to do this: October 5th - and the September 7th meeting - letting it be known that they will not stop until the Bush Regime is driven out. Make this message infuse and characterize huge sections of the parade itself.

Everyone there needs to know: There is a Way - There is a Day - and it's October 5th. They must be organized on the spot - letting everyone they know about this, bringing themselves and their families, church groups, school classes and fraternities, unions, book clubs, etc. to the city-wide September 7th organizing meeting - on the same night as hundreds and thousands of people do the same across the country - if we are to succeed in driving out this hated regime.

For many of the masses who come out to this parade, revolution in this country could not come soon enough. There are particular questions we need to be prepared to speak to from this perspective. "It's been bad for Black people in this country for 400 years." Yes. And this should not be an argument to let it continue and get worse - there is the potential, if millions including those on the bottom, come out of the shadows and the sidelines and into the streets to drive out this regime, to start a whole different direction in society that would be favorable for accelerating a revolutionary opening.

Among immigrant masses - again, this includes many people here: "does protest do any good? We were out in the spring and now the bills that are being considered are horrendous." But look at the fact the people around the country and the world were woken up to the situation of the previously hidden and silent millions of immigrants in this country The protests were a good example of people refusing to take this - the problem wasn't mass action, but how that got turned into support for the Hillaries and the Schumers and how people were pressured to be acceptable to the mainstream and not defiant!

So, the main thing we will be doing at the Caribbean Day Parade is getting out tons of the WCW flyers and raising funds. We will have approximately 190,000 flyers and we want to get stacks and bundles in people's hands to take back to their churches, communities, unions, schools and laundromats.

We also aim to sell out Revolution newspaper, get out lots of the new Presentations by Bob Avakian and sell lots of Wanted T-shirts. Let's raise people's sights and help them understand why we are in the situation we're in today and what to do about it...the overall problem and the problem of the Bush Regime. Imagine if millions of people were listening to thses Presentations.

World Can't Wait will have a contingent in the parade with beautiful and compelling banners. People will be organized into leafletting fundraising teams on both sides of the contingent, as well as other teams with the Revolution newsppaer, new Avakian presentation CD's , etc. This contingent will be a focal point of attention - all eyes will be on it and its message. The contingent and teams should work as one - in order to make the strongest statement and maximize fundraising. People will donate the most money and take stacks of flyers when they see the contingent - so teams should be disciplines in staying with the contingent and not getting left behind. Leapfrog forward if you fall behind!

Activating People Right Away

For the National Organizing Meeting on September 7

For Funding Major Ads with 1/2 million dollars

People should be:
*** leaving with stacks of flyers to spread everywhere the reservoir is. People come from all over the world for this parade!
*** signing up with their contact info to stay in touch, but,
*** leave knowing what they will be doing now; tomorrow, this week, up to 9/7 and behong to Oct. 5. This should include pledges to raise hundreds of dollars this week.

A Word on Fundraising: This is crucial to this very basic and simple plan: very quickly reach millions of people with the message that there is a way to act on the sentiments that people already feel - come to the September 7th organizing meeting, hundreds coming out of those meetings as organizers for tens of thousands taking to the streets on October 5, taking responsibility to drive this regime out. Find the ways around the noise level to let people know that we are expecting them to throw $10 and $20 bills in the bucket and not coins or singles.


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