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Monday, August 28, 2006

Katrina Never Forgive...Never Forget Join Revolution Teams Tuesday August 28th

August 29, 2006 *Note changes


New Orleans 2005:
Never Forgive... Never Forget

Join Revolution Newspaper teams to get out Revolution, the Katrina Editorial, WCW-DOBR leaflets and the WCW black arm bands to mark the Katrina anniversary tomorrow, Tuesday, August 29th on the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

Tuesday, August 29th

8:00am-9:30am 125th & Lenox, #3 Train station; call 917-553-4704 for more info

11:00am Court & Montague Streets, 2-3 to BoroHall, R to Crout St. Call Damian for specifics

11:30am-1:30pm Herald Square; 34th street & Avenue of the Americas

3:00-6:00pm East Flatbush area. Meet at the McDonalds at Church & Nostrand, #2 to Church. Call Damian for specifics.

4:00pm McDonald’s at 181st St. & Broadway

5:00-7:00pm 125th & Lenox, #3 Train station; call 917-553-4704 for more info

6:00pm NYC Solidarity Committee for Katrina/Rita survivors Press
Conference at Kelly Temple Church of God & Christ, 8-10-12 E. 130th
St. (Bet. 5th & Madison Avnues). Speakers will discuss current
situation of Katrina/Rita survivors in New York and around the
country. 718-789-1732 for more information on these events and

8:00PM Fundraiser entitle “Iatrina Memorial Celebration: Celebrate Life and
Triumph", Kumble Theater, Long Island University between Flatbush
and Myrtle (take Q or B to DeKalb Ave.); Sponsored by Artists for
Life; $25 general admission; $15 for seniors & students.


Check back here for details about a New Orleans Jazz Funeral procession this Sunday, September 3rd, on 125th Street.

“Katrina came out of the ocean, with relatively little warning (though there was warning enough to evacuate people). But the ways in which Katrina was dealt with did not come out of nowhere – they came out of a system, one which is long overdue for extinction. For 400 years American capitalism has fed off of and constantly reproduced, in different forms, the oppression of Black people. And this utterly worthless system will continue to do so, in increasingly grotesque and horrific ways, unless and until it is overthrown by the revolutionary action of millions and tens of millions of people.

“That is the real message from the rooftops.

“As a statement by our Party, shortly after Katrina, put it:

‘ “Not only the need but also the possibility of revolution, and of a radically different society, shows through in these events – once they are understood in their true light. Masses of people, in the areas most immediately affected, were being left by the government to suffer, day after day, in conditions not fit for human beings, yet they showed their humanity in many ways and put the lie to the slanders that portrayed them as criminals and animals.” ‘

Katrina One Year Later: Never Forget...Never Forgive
Revolution #58, August 27, 2006


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