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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Saturate D.C. and Everywhere with Revolution #78

Revised 1/23/07
ALL OUT for the Jan 27 Demo, the week before and the week after

This is a critical moment. Bush is sending more troops, expanding the war and making threats against Iran and Syria. The question and challenge from a recent Revolution article - "What are the people going to do now? Our answer, delivered by millions, must be like what millions did following the invasion of Cambodia: a resounding No!" Torture+Silence = Complicity.

Many, many people are angry and outraged against the troop surge. We want to reach out to the tens or hundreds of thousands going to D.C. on a grand scale.

There is a debate that has been ruled out of order, and that needs to be pried back open; it is a debate over how the world has gotten to this place, what must be done to change it, and what revolution has to do with all that. This kind of debate is not only urgently needed in its own right, it is key in fueling and inspiring forward a movement powerful and determined enough to halt the horrific trajectory of today.

Critical to that whole discussion is Bob Avakian’s revolutionary vision of a truly liberating society. This issue of our paper features an article that gives a basic sense of how Bob Avakian has re-envisioned the communist project, and of his method and approach to understanding reality and how to change it. The question needs to be posed to people: "If you are seriously concerned about the future—and who cannot be? — then you need to engage in what he’s saying. And we strongly encourage you to go to and listen to the talk 'Why We’re in the Situation We’re in Today. . . And What to Do About It: A Thoroughly Rotten System and the Need for Revolution.'"

This issue includes a special 4 page broadsheet which will be available Monday night. 100,000 English, 5,000 Spanish in D.C. 30,000 English and 5,000 Spanish in NY. The issue will have a box directing people to a fuller electronic issue, so check the newspaper website as well.

Everyone should call contacts to get bundles of papers to distribute, discuss the content, join newspaper teams, contribute funds, e-mail the issue to their friends. Very importantly, ask everyone we meet to go to D.C. as part of the paper teams. The discussions should be lively and reflect the line and content of the issue. Sellers should wear the Wanted T-shirts, either Katrina or immigrants. Plans are being made to bring forward a proletarian contingent from NYC. The store has bus tickets that teams can sell.

Saturation in NY means going to Columbia, NYU, Hunter, high and jr high schools. To Brooklyn, Queens, Harlem and the Bronx. To the Upper west side and more broadly. Aim to get 100s of names, set up DVD showings, organize contacts to go to D.C. The bookstore will have a program on Thursday night in preparation and the following Thursday which new and all contacts can be invited to.

Check out the articles in Revolution issues 1177 and 1178 " Putting forward our line in a bold and compelling way". Also check out the Revolution DVD of Chairman Avakian, the clip on disc 3 on "How a Revolutionary situation could come about".

Anyone not going to DC should make plans to saturate the buses.


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