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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

OUTRAGE! 50 More Reasons!

"Why does this keep happening?" In one form or another, this is the question in many conversations right now in the wake of the police shooting Sean Bell and two friends 50 times. Around the city, and around the country. Angry conversations, seeking to figure out what can and should be done about it. This latest Stolen Life and people's response to it is being described in some press as potentially one of those "watershed events" that has long lasting impact. Imagine the difference it would make if many many people were engaging with the works of Chairman Avakian and Revolution newspaper.

There is an urgent need to popularize and engage people about Chairman Avakian, especially the 7 Talks, particularly (but not only!) the first one, "Why We're In the Situation We're In Today... And What To Do About It: A Thoroughly Rotten System and the Need for Revolution". He's dealing with the questions people are debating, but he's doing it another way, and coming to a different place, captured in the title itself. This understanding of things, and this way of understanding things, can be taken up by millions.

The urgent need includes distributing broadly Revolution newspaper, in ways that contribute to more regular readers and distributors, diving in to the debates with the latest excerpt from Chairman Avakian about how society would be transformed through socialism to a communist world; with exposure of why the huge gap between people's expectations off the elections and the reality of what's being done; why the rulers are pursuing this war; the struggles of different sections of the people and how this could contribute to revolutionary struggle; why there is national oppresssion; and what role those who read this paper need to play.

Also, the DVD "Revolution: Why It's Necessary -- Why It's Possible -- And What It's All About", with its opening sweep of the horror of the experience of Black people in this country, and the system that feeds on and benefits from this exploitation and oppression of whole nations and nationalities.

Talk to people about these things. Talk about, and struggle over, what this latest Stolen Life is all about, why it keeps happening, what kind of system is this, and how things could be different. We need to learn from all this, how are people seeing this, what do people think of what the Chairman is saying? Based on this, we need to work together with people, be part of developing the next steps to respond to the outrage of this latest Stolen Life, in ways that struggle for justice now, and contribute to transforming the situation favorable to the people and a revolutionary future.

It is much recommended for everyone to listen to the Talk 1 of the 7 Talks, and Q&A #13; watch the opening of the DVD "Revolution"; and study Revolution newspaper.


There are teams going out to Jamaica, Queens, through the week. To hook up with them, call (917) 553-4704.

The RCYB is doing daily outings to different areas of the city.

This is not a call for everyone to just go to Queens. Teams should continue plans to get out to different sections of people. Teams should talk about what kind of adjustments they should make, in some cases focusing on this latest event. This latest outrage is being talked about everwhere, by everyone. It does concentrate some important things. How can things be more favorably polarized?

Stay tuned for more...


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