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Friday, November 17, 2006

Getting Out with the Elections - What they do - and do NOT mean -

The Tuesday elections marked a significant turn of events. What is the actual significance of these elections? What changes are - and aren=t - likely to result? What will - and won=t - they mean for the overall Bush agenda and the Iraq war? And what challenges and responsibilities confront those who oppose everything Bush and his regime stand for, and understand the need to reverse the whole direction they've been taking the world?

Those are the questions that are up. This is still a very hot moment when people have been drawn into political life. These are profound times we=re living in and changes in this society people never ever anticipated. What people thought they voted for and the actual reality post-election and two very different things. From the past couple of weeks, especially on election day, people have been very open to getting into discussions, including, very importantly, around the big questions, concentrated in the Talks by the Chairman.

On election day, part of the orientation was to have mini-speakouts and debates but there was no striving to bring those about. Let=s have them now, this weekend, in the streets, in restaurants, in the parks, in bars, everywhere. How can you bring these speakouts/debates happen? Imagine what you could do to spark off the discussion, prepare the questions, the framework for the debates, how to get it started and an idea of where you want it to go, and be pleasantly surprised by what gets raised and how. How about enlarging the quote by the Chairman? The page 3 editorial is very agitational - read parts of it dramatically. These mini-speakouts and debates can be part of changing the terms of thing, of people interacting with each other and influencing each other, including with the paper and the Talks playing a key role in the mix. Let=s pose to people: What do you think about the elections? And what are you going to do?

The overall goal this weekend is to sell out this issue, going very broadly. Goals for Harlem and Brooklyn for the newspaper are each 300 of singles, bundles, subs, $200; and 30 Talks. Other teams will get goals or need to set goals and follow through. Each team that goes out need to complete the new sales report form (attached here) which should accompany the sales $. Electronic reports should state very clearly in the first paragraph the quantative numbers for the outing.

The only way selling out this election issue will happen is if people dedicate the time to getting this issue out. If you're not on a team, ask and get on a team!


Taking the paper to Harlem

Taking the paper to Brooklyn

10 AM - Meet at Revolution Books for other outing.

PM - Go to bars in the East Village


12 noon. Meet at Revolution Books

Afternoon - Upper West Side


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