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Thursday, December 14, 2006

All-Out Effort Needed This Weekend

50 shots. Crisis in Iraq. These things and others continue to develop and sharpen up. Within that, this paper is the only source that is sharply exposing what's happening and why, and the only way it could be solved. This paper is the only one saying this actually has to stop. Everyone should be itching to get out to masses with this paper.

We still need to follow through with the orientation of actively investigating what people think of the paper's analysis of things, and working together with people to figure out the next steps to take, how to bring forward emancipators of humanity, and how to wage the struggles in front of us in ways that contribute to repolarization for revolution. The people we bring forward around this newspaper are the people who will bring forward others, taking bundles of papers to distribute, taking part in arranging showings of the DVD large and small, and more.

And send reports to

Everyone should figure out how this weekend to get out among the masses with Revolution newspaper. The current and the last issue should be distributed together. They should also be stuffed with flyers for the October 22 Coalition rally in Jamaica on 12/20. Particularly, there are two marches on Saturday responding to the 50 shots that killed Sean Bell and seriously wounded his two friends.

Is there a volunteer to make a second banner saying "Justice for Sean Bell! 50 More Reasons - We Need Revolution"?

The two marches:

1. "Shopping for Justice" march starts at 59th and 5th at noon on Saturday. This has the potential to be large.

2. In Jamaica Queens, the weekly march starting at the memorial on Liverpool Street and 94th Avenue at noon. Last week the march went through the neighborhood, and may do so again.


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