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Monday, December 25, 2006

Get Out Revolution December 25-January 1, 2007

Updated from 12/22/06

ALERT! - The orientation below has been updated to emphasize some points in going forward for the weekend and through next week.

Further orientation, people should read the cover story in this week's Revolution newspaper ( as well as the past coverage (including the statement from Carl Dix,, and the local RCP statement from a couple weeks ago,

This is a SHARP AND IMPORTANT moment - we should all be looking at this whole political terrain and atmosphere from the perspective of taking responsibility for bringing forward repolarization that's favorable for revolution, and putting this to the masses to take responsibility for too, and leading them to do this.

We should continue to fight for the orientation that POLICE BRUTALITY MUST STOP. We should also be learning from people more deeply what they think needs to happen (not just generally, though that's an important discussion to have too, but what kinds of resistance do they think is needed ie neighborhood, city wide marches, walkouts... important to do this "active investigation"), and how they can work to making them happen.

The reprinted poster (backpage of this week's Revolution) is a centerpiece of our plans over the next week. We have gotten out about 1,500 of the 2,000 posters that were printed. People really like the posters but we have not raised the funds to pay back the printing costs. Teams should set financial goals, make plans for reaching those goals and fight through on the plans to reach the goals. We should focus attention at a lot of the businesses and among the masses with whom we've done work - distributing stacks of these posters and the papers, and putting emphasis on raising the funds for both. These should go up in store windows, in apartment windows, doors in housing projects and be passed out at demonstrations. That back poster is a very sharp and powerful visual expression of the epidemic of police murder and many, many people should take up spreading these throughout society.

Also, the plans include everyone taking responsibility for on the spot and close on the heels showings of the Bob Avakian, Revolution DVD and listening sessions of the new 7 talks and Q&A session ( Through this whole process, there should also be growing Revolution distribution and discussion groups. Each team should be setting real goals for these this week.

As well as taking responsibility to assist in giving mass expression to the desire and need for broad resistance and putting forward the demand to STOP POLICE BRUTALITY, we also have a responsibility to bring revolutionary communism straight up into this. And on that basis bringing forward waves of masses of people who are taking up and spreading this.

Read the article in this week's Revolution from Carl Dix ( - "Praying Won’t End Injustice - We Need to Understand the World As It Is, and Make Revolution to Change It!" We should take this article, and the spirit of this article, to everyone we're talking to!

When people ask us "What should we be doing right now?" we should be learning what they think, discussing the content and guidance in Revolution newspaper with them (particularly some of the polemics on what's needed and what's not) and an important part of the answer - Revolution newspaper and Bob Avakian's work are critical tools in preparing for revolution and need to be spread broadly, now. They should take this up as a part of all that (check out Some Crucial Points of Revolutionary Orientation, - this gets into the importance of raising political and ideological consciousness now).

Each team should get back to all of their contacts in a very timely way right now, and if you get a new contact, they should be followed up with within 24 hours. This is a critical part of moving and growing all this quickly.

Finally, the point isn't "to be in the mix" in some kind of narrow way but to really maximize the righteous mass political outrage and through all that, and in its own right, struggling with people about the problem and the solution to this epidemic of police murder. We should be putting out the challenge very broadly and boldly to check out and get down with the Revolutionary Communist Party and to become an emancipator of humanity.

Our plans for this week include the following goals for the paper. Teams should review where they are in relationship to meeting the goals for quantity of papers and finances, set new plans, and fight through on those plans.

Harlem 100 - 150
Brooklyn 200
Queens 300 (including Wednesday)
Bronx 100
Thursday Demonstration 400
Youth 350
Shopping Areas (Floating Team) 200

The Revolutionary Communist Youth Brigade have plans to be at high schools and colllege campuses, in the Bronx, throughout the week, and their newspaper goal is 350. They should keep in mind a need for a sticker in all this (if they meet someone who could design this, or if someone they already know could). They should also be heading up these Revolution contingents at the demonstrations this week, bringing in large numbers of people.

PS Given the Knicks controversy people should be spreading the talk on the NBA from Bob Avakian, The NBA: Marketing The Minstrel Show and Serving the Big Gangsters ( and should be wearing and selling the sports t-shirt (we need more of this, and less of this).


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