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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

12/5 - Orientation for Next 2 Weeks and Plan for this week

This is a moment when many people are open to engaging on what kind of world we want to live in and how to get there. Everyone should be read the newspaper carefully and taking direction from it on what needs to be done and how to do that. The paper needs to get out there in a big way, and the Chairman needs to be out there in a big way too. The Chairman and this paper can make a difference in the habits and assumptions people have had all their lives of the way things are and what’s possible. Below are several things that the paper is promoting that should be taken up very broadly.

1. The Party statement. This is a very good statement and many people over the weekend really liked what it was saying on why this keeps happening and the possibility of a revolutionary solution. Many took bundles to distribute. We should continue to get it out broadly. The entire statement was not included in this issue due to space limitation, but should be stuffed in each newspaper. Another 3,000 are being printed and bundles should be put in the hands of masses. It is also on the newspaper web site in its entirety.

2. 50 Reasons To Get Rid of This Rotten System Thru Revolution! - written by Carl Dix. He gets into resistance from a revolutionary perspective, how to get to a rev situation from the the present, what socialist society would look like, as well as communist revolution.

3. The Two Weddings Two Dreams poster on the back page. Teams can enlarge it to use as a poster. A nice one should be taken to the Sean Bell’s memorial shrine. We should encourage people to reproduce it and and get it up. If anyone knows or meets someone (contacts, vendors, entrepreneurs) who would take initiative in making this into a T-shirt, don’t hesitate to begin that process, and send a note to

4. The DVD by the Chairman. As many people are searching for answers, they have got to meet Chairman Avakian. His video is essential to people meeting him. The questions he addresses are those posed by these times and he answers them as no one else can. The DVD needs to get to people at the protests, and everywhere where people are everyday, ie.., in the barber shops, the community centers, the laundromats, the libraries, the restaruants, the beauty salons, everywhere. There should be showings of it, including on the spot, and people that see it should spread the word to their friends and relatives. Teams should make particular plans to distribute the DVD.

5. "We need less of this and more of this" t-shirts - should definitely should be on the scene when teams go out.

Plans for the next couple weeks

The newspaper and the Chairman’s DVD should get out very broadly. Contacts (including the onces we met last weekend) should be called or e-mailed to join us or get bundles of newspapers, fliers, DVD to distribute or to join teams. Let them know where we’ll be so they can come pick-up their materials, and if they can’t come then, when can they hook up. When e-mailing, the statements and articles from the newspaper should be attached. Aim to sell out each issue of the newspaper, develop new regular readers, get subs, contributions to the newspapers and fliers. Prepare bundles in advance: 10s ($4) and 20s ($8). You can give out 4 bundles of 20s for 80 papers. Masses with little or no income can distribute this paper in the same capacity as a newsstand, keeping part of the $. The banner with the slogan from the party statement was well-received at the Sean Bell's wake/funeral. It would be good for teams to make and take similar banners when going into the neighborhoods. People would get a sense right away what we're saying.

Plans should definitely include getting with people and watch segments of the DVD. Active investigation is essential. Talk to people about why these police murders keep happening by the modern day slave catchers, talk about what they think should be done, and make plans with them then for how they will get to people they know as well as those they don’t yet know with the newspaper and the DVD. Get deeply in the 3 essential questions. We really need to listen to what people are saying. We should be out everywhere in the next couple weeks, but pay particular attention to the neighborhoods, learning from those we meet and unleashing them to get out to others.

The Youth Brigade should make plans to go to both the campuses and the neighborhoods, bringing forward students to go with them to the projects and youth from the projects to the campuses. They should also get student clubs to get bundles of this particular paper for distribution. How are these clubs seeing all that is going on and how are they acting?

Tentative Schedule (Neighorhood teams should make definite plans)

- call and e-mail all contacts with articles from the paper. Ask them to join the rev contingent at the Dec 6th demo. Give people hook up spots where they can get the newspaper/DVD on other days. Set up DVD showings for the next couple weeks.

- Harlem team - during day
- campuses - day - youth

-4:00 pm - NYC Police Are Out Of Control! City-Wide Protest Demonstration
NYPD Headquarters Demonstration.

- day - Harlem team
- day - campuses - youth
- PM - Brooklyn team, including college. Any possibility of a day team at the college?
- afternoon and/or PM - Jamaica - memorial, hospital, neighborhood.

- after work - Brooklyn team

- Jamaica
- Brooklyn, including farmers market
- Harlem
- Spanish paper in Manhattan

- Union Square - floating team or store to do table?
- Upper West Side - floating team
- Jackson Heights Spanish newspaper


Below are a list of events happening in the next week (except for the last one). This was put together quickly, so floating team should decide which of these to go to.

Friday, December 8th

6:30 pm. PUBLIC MEETING >Bloomberg calls it “excessive.” We call it MURDER! Come to a panel discussion featuring: Yusef Salaam, wrongly convicted >and imprisoned in the Central Park jogger case; Margarita Rosario, >founder of Parents Against Police Brutality, whose son Anthony was >killed by the NYPD; and Brian Jones, an activist, teacher and member of >the International Socialist Organization. Juanita Young will also be at this event. St. Mary’s Church, 521 W. 126th (between Broadway and Amsterdam. 1/A/B/C/D to 125th Street). ponsored by the International Socialist Organization


11:00 A.M. Assemble - March 12 NOON. IN MEMORY OF SEAN ELIJAH BELL. They marched for Justice and Change! Join in Solidarity 168th Street, (Between Jamaica and Archer Avenue ). Take F train to 169th Street Station or E train to the Parson Archer Station. NAACP Metropolitan Council of New York City

1:00 – 3:00 PM. New York City Impeachment Forum. Concert Hall Featuring Elizabeth Holtzman, former Congress Member, Cindy Sheehan, co-founder of Gold Star Families for Peace, Bob Fertik; co-founder of, and Impreach This is part of a national weekend of Town Hall Meetings on Impeachment sponsored by, Progressive Democrats of America, and our allies in It follows our successful ImpeachForChange kickoff event on Veterans Day in Philadelphia with former Rep. Liz Holtzman and Cindy Sheehan. Sponsored by

Admission: $10. New York Society for Ethical Culture, 2 West 64th Street at Central Park West, New York, NY 10023 Phone: 212-874-5210 Fax: 212-595-7258

3:00 PM - NY Historical Society Legacies: Contemporary Artists Reflect on Slavery Slavery and its repercussions have provoked compelling responses in the world of visual art. This unique exhibition of forty-four contemporary works on that theme reveals how history and art can spark a powerful conversation. Take the insider tour with co-curators Cynthia R. Copeland or Kathleen Hulser, and discover the fascinating stories of the works created specially for this exhibition.

Full Price Ticket (Non-Members): $15.00 Member Cost: $8.00 Student/Senior/Educator Cost: $10.00

Speaker Bio(s). Co-curator Cynthia R. Copeland is the director of the American Revolution Digital Learning Project, a life-long learning website at, and has been an educator and curator at the New-York Historical Society for over a decade.

Co-Curator Kathleen Hulser has been public historian at the New-York Historical Society since 1999, and has curated such exhibitions as Reading Uncle Tom's Image, Petropolis: A Social History of Urban Animal Companions, and Up on a Roof.


11:00 am. STREET THEATER. Remember how George Bush told us how the terrorists hate us for our freedoms-- and we'd better go shopping or they win? Meet at Triangle Park at Herald's Square, Broadway and 34th Street.

On Sunday, December 10 (International Human Rights Day) JOIN the "Guantanamo detainees" dressed in orange jumpsuits and black hoods are heading into the thick of Macy's holiday shopping.

Sure, Bush's approval rating is down below 30%... and sure, some of our freedoms (like habeas corpus and the rights to a lawyer, not to be tortured, and not to be spied on) have shrunk a bit... but the President would want you to keep your holiday spirits high... and what could be more joyously compatable with George Bush's America than shopping and torture?

We have 100 jumpsuits. This is something anyone can do!

Call or write to sign up now to let us know we can count on you to be there.
1/2/3/4/B/D/F/Q/R/N and PATH trains. Contact Tony: 917-273-8317. email:

"The competing television news images on the morning after Thanksgiving were of the unspeakable carnage in Sadr City — where more than 200 Iraqi civilians were killed by a series of coordinated car bombs — and the long lines of cars filled with holiday shopping zealots that jammed the highway approaches to American malls that had opened for business at midnight...There is something terribly wrong with this juxtaposition of gleeful Americans with fistfuls of dollars storming the department store barricades and the slaughter by the thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians, including old people, children and babies. The war was started by the U.S., but most Americans feel absolutely no sense of personal responsibility for it." from "While Iraq Burns"--November 27, 2006, New York Times , by Bob Herbert

"Let us be clear: torture can never be an instrument to fight terror, for torture is an instrument of terror. The prohibition on torture is well established under international law. It is also unambiguous and absolute. It is binding on all States in all territories under their jurisdiction or effective control. It applies in all circumstances, in times of war as in times of peace. Nor is torture permissible when it is called something else: cruel and inhuman treatment is unacceptable and illegal, irrespective of the name we give it." -from the office of the UN General Secretary

1:30 PM. "Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers". Ceremonial Hall, New York Society for Ethical Culture, 2 West 64th Street at Central Park West, New York, NY 10023 Phone: 212-874-5210.

A 52 Minute film followed by a critique of the Iraq Study Group’s Report. Moderator: Muriel Berger.

4:00 PM. TOWN HALL MEETING. Drive Out the Bush Regime! They have committed war crimes and crimes against humanity. Start impeachment!
Pope Auditorium, Lowenstein Building, Fordham University (Columbus Circle Campus), Corner of 60th Street and Columbus Avenue, Manhattan

If war crimes, legalized torture and crimes against humanity are not reason to impeach, what is?


CINDY SHEEHAN, Co-founder of Gold Star Families for Peace
SUNSARA TAYLOR, member of the national advisory board of World Can’t Wait – Drive Out the Bush Regime and writer for Revolution newspaper.
JOHN NICHOLS, Washington, DC correspondent for The Nation and author of The Genius of Impeachment: The Founders' Cure for Royalism.
LYNNE KATES, Shut Down Guantanamo Organizer, Center for Constitutional Rights
CAROLYN HO, mother of Lt. Ehren Watada who is facing jail for refusing orders to go to Iraq

Sponsored by WORLD CAN WAIT, New York City Chapter. Co-sponsors include: National Lawyers Guild, Fordham University Law School Chapter, United for Lt. Watada, Father Luis Barrios, and Iglesia San Romero (list in formation)

For more information contact: 212-969-0772, or or visit


6:00 PM,: An Evening with Professor Ward Churchill Hosted by the New School's, Women of Color Organization.

Indiginist Scholar, Activist and Professor Ward Churchill will be making a historic and rare appearance at the New School in lower Manhattan on Monday December 11th. Mr. Churchill will address the ongoing attempts to erase indigenous history in a talk titled "Sterilizing History: The Fabrication of 'Innocent Americans'". Do not miss this historic and groundbreaking evening!

Wollman Hall of The New School 65 West 11th Street, 5th Floor (Enter at 66 West 12th Street, walk through the courtyard into the next building which is 65 W11th street, and take the elevator to the 5th floor)

8:00 PM - 10:00 PM. INAUGURAL RAPHAEL LEMKIN HUMAN RIGHTS AWARDS: TO DO WHAT IS JUST & RIGHT/LA’ASOT TZEDEKAH U’MISHPAT. CONGREGATION RODEPH SHOLOM, 7 WEST 83RD STREET AT CENTRAL PARK WEST, NYC RABBIS FOR HUMAN RIGHTS-NORTH AMERICA, the only rabbinic association in North America dedicated to human rights for all, that represents more than 1,000 rabbis of every Jewish denomination across the U.S. and Canada, hosts this gala benefit evening honoring:


Noted author, activist and Moment magazine founder LEONARD FEIN will serve as Master of Ceremonies. Special presentations will be made by leading Israeli feminist DR. ALICE SHALVI (Schecter Institute for Jewish Studies, Jerusalem); longtime Jewish advocate RABBI DAVID SAPERSTEIN (Religious Action Center); and attorney, author and former U.S. CONGRESSWOMAN ELIZABETH HOLTZMAN. Acclaimed Klezmer musician ALICIA SVIGALS (formerly of The Klezmatics) will perform.

The Raphael Lemkin awards were named after attorney and tireless human rights activist RAPHAEL LEMKIN (1901-1959) who coined the word “genocide.” The event is taking place in conjunction with RHR-NA’s historic First North American Rabbinic Conference on Judaism & Human Rights that will be held in NYC Dec 10-12. More than 250 rabbis, cantors, rabbinic and cantorial students from every Jewish denomination will participate in the conference.

The Raphael Lemkin Awards are open to the public. Tickets are $150/regular and $75/limited income and available online at


9:00 AM - 4:30 PM First North American Rabbinic Conference on Judaism & Human Rights, UJA-Federation Conference Facility, 130 East 59th Street at Lexington Avenue, NYC

RABBIS FOR HUMAN RIGHTS-NORTH AMERICA, the only rabbinic association in North America dedicated to human rights for all and which represents more than 1,000 rabbis of every Jewish denomination across the U.S. and Canada, sponsors the conference.

Among the leading scholars and human rights experts who will present at the conference: Scholar in Residence: Dr. Moshe Halbertal, Hebrew University of Jerusalem Special Guest Scholar: Dr. Alice Shalvi, Schecter Institute for Jewish Studies, Jerusalem Rabbi Saul Berman,Edah (Orthodox) Rabbi Tzvi Blanchard, CLAL (Orthodox) Rabbi Dan Ehrenkrantz, Reconstructionist Rabbinical College (Reconstructionist) Rabbi David Ellenson, Hebrew Union College (Reform) Rabbi Art Green, Hebrew College (Conservative) Rabbi Sue Levi Ellwell, Union of Reform Judaism (Reform) Rabbi Edward Feld, Jewish Theological Seminary (Conservative) Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum, Congregation Beth Simchat Torah (Reform) Rabbi Michael Lerner, Tikkun (Renewal) Rabbi Dov Linzer, Yeshivat Chovevei Torah (Orthodox) Ruth Messinger, American Jewish World Service Michael Posner, Human Rights First Michael Ratner, Center for Constitutional Rights Ken Roth, Human Rights Watch Pamela Shifman, UNICEF Rabbi Arthur Waskow, The Shalom Center (Renewal)

Scholars, experts and RHR-NA organizational representatives available for interviews. Bios and photos also available. Limited conference sessions are open to the general public.

5:30-7:30 PM. An Emergency Public Forum to Discuss The shooting death of Sean Bell and its implications for Police-Community Relations, ANOTHER MOTHER'S SON. John Jay College, North Hall Room 1311, 445 W. 59th Street (10th Avenue)

Dear Colleagues and friends,
My heart is very heavy at the killing of yet another young man by the NYPD. Sean Bell's death made the headlines because of the excessive amount of weaponry – 50 bullets. But every year at least 45 innocence people are killed in New York city alone by aggressive policing tactics. And the overwhelming amount of those killed are young men of color. I encourage you to all come to this critical event and bring at least one person with you. Policing Must change in New York, if any of us are to be truly safe. Warmly, tami

Screening the award winning Documentary "Every Mother's Son"

Sponsored by The Center on Race, Crime and Justice, John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Comments and Open Mic from 6:30PM-7:30PM. Comments and Commentary from: Tami Gold, Hunter College

Director of "Every Mother's Son"; Prof. Delores Jones-Brown, John Jay College, Author of "Fatal Profiles: Too Many Tragic Mistakes not Enough Justice"; Prof. Matthew Johnson, John Jay College, Department of Psychology

Let Your Voice Be Heard!!!!! Open and free to the public

7:30 PM. International Tribunal organized by Uhuru Movement, African Poetry Theatre in Jamaica, 646 464 0604


7 to 9 PM. Community Forum on Solutions to Police Misconduct and Injustice, House of the Lord Church, Speakers: Charles Barron, Esmeralda Simmons (Ctr for Law and Social Justice); Noel Leader (100 Blacks in Law Enforcement), Diop Olugbala (Uhuru Movement)


06:30 PM – NY Historical Society. Frederick Douglass, Lincoln and the Civil War. New York Divided: Lincoln David Blight, Harold Holzer, and James O. Horton will discuss Lincoln, Douglass, and their changing views on liberty, slavery, and American society. The speakers will also explore the meaning of the Civil War and African American participation in the conflict, the personal relationship between the two men, and the significance of that relationship for all Americans. Readings from the writings of Frederick Douglass will be performed by actor Charles Turner.

Full Price Ticket (Non-Members): $15.00 Member Cost: $8.00 Student/Senior/Educator Cost: $10.00

Speaker Bio(s) David Blight is Director of the Gilder Lehrman Center for the Study of Slavery, Resistance and Abolition at Yale University. Harold Holzer, co-chairman of the U.S. Lincoln Bicentennial Commission, has authored, co-authored, or edited 26 books on Lincoln and the Civil War. James O. Horton is Benjamin Banneker Professor of American Studies and History at The George Washington University and co-author of Slavery and the Making of America. Charles Turner is an accomplished actor of the stage and screen who also has taught and directed at the NYU Tisch School of the Arts, among others.


Wednesday, January 24

6:30 pm. Lawrence Wright: The Looming Tower: Al-Qaeda and the Road to 9/11 Lecture and book signing.
Cooper Union, The Great Hall, 7 East 7th Street, at Third Avenue

Lawrence Wright, renowned author of The Looming Tower: Al-Qaeda and the Road to 9/11—a 2006 finalist for the National Book Award—is coming to The Cooper Union to talk about his book as well as reveal his assessment of Al-Qaeda's current activities and what we may expect of them in the future. While interviewing more than 500 people, including Osama bin Laden's best friend in college; a reporter for Al Jazeera, the Arabic news network; and Richard A. Clarke, the former White House counter terrorism chief, Wright's book delves into the history of terrorism and provides a step-by-step recount of the terrorist attacks leading up to and including September 11. Heralded as a "remarkable new book about Al-Qaeda" by the New York Times Book Review (8/1/06), the author's compelling ability to describe events in a larger cultural and political context has made The Looming Tower "one of the best books yet on the history of terrorism," according to Publishers Weekly (11/6/06).

Lawrence Wright is an author, screenwriter and a staff writer for The New Yorker. He is a graduate of Tulane University, in New Orleans, LA, and the American University in Cairo, where he taught English and received an M.A. in applied linguistics.
This lecture is made possible by the Benjamin Menschel Distinguished Lectureship, established with a generous grant from The Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation.


Do not keep stacks of papers at your house. We aim to sell out. If you can sell them in a day or so, fine. Otherwise, bring them back to the store so frantic phone calls don’t have to be made to find out who has papers.

Send reports within 2 days of outing.


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