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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Getting out with Issue #70 - November 24 -

Larry Everest's article on The Crossroads in Iraq: Why the U.S. Went to War speaks to, post-election, the big question for the ABush Administration, Congress, and the U.S. political establishment is deciding what to do about Iraq...the U.S. is at a critical 'tipping point.' It could be heading for a major strategic defeat B if not disaster B the implications of which are potentially staggering in terms of U.S. global power...."

This is that moment.

This issue of the paper is very, very interesting. Larry=s article, posed sharply, could be very compelling. The Chairman=s quote on McWorld/McCrusade and The Struggle the Realm of ideas are thought provoking. There's lots in this issue that people simply don=t know and would find interesting. How to get this issue out as part of the debate of this moment? Then there are articles on the Elections here and in Nicaragua, Rachel Corrie and Pat Tillman. How about speaking to people at the Rachel Corrie play with the article on her? Or to the Nicaragua article to Central Americans? Let's also learn what people are thinking there.

People will be everywhere this week visiting their families and holiday shopping. Shopping centers should part of our plans, asking people to get gift subs or books for the holidays. Under all the holiday shopping, the significance of the elections and the Iraq war are big with people, or perhaps above the holiday shopping. This issue should go out broadly and again aim to sell out. Make a list of the people who have read and liked the paper - get their ideas on where this paper should be and how it could get there - they should be challenged to take bundles (with down payment) and subs. Try some new spots. Think though a plan/numeric goal and how to implement them. Set up a table with the papers, Talks, sub cards, T-shirts, the Memoir, Evolution books in front of a bookstore or elsewhere (and use a nice tablecloth for the table). Or focus on the paper and the Talks. Go into restaurants since it's cold now and sit and engage with people. The trial subs are beginning to get out, and could be a very good present. If things are going well, learn why and push on it even more. If not, caucas and figure out what needs to be changed and then do it. And report on all this (including why people are getting the trial subs).

Basic plans are:


11 AM. Meet at the bookstore to go to 34th and 6th Avenue, Herald Square.

P.M. Rachel Corrie play.


Brooklyn Farmer's Market

Brooklyn communities

Union Square



Upper West Side




  • At 12:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    There is a feeling of deep outrage among the masses of people due the murder of Sean Bell. I am refering to the people in the community we work with in distributing Revolution. Last weekend besides getting out the paper we led with a distribution of the powerful statement written on the Murder of Sean Bell. This is a time for us to step in and lead the masses with our Revolutionary line. We need to cease this moment now! If we do not we have two occurences which can happen. The first is that this rightous anger and spririt of resistance among the people will be misdirected into a dead end narrow nationalist, economist, and petty bourgeois line. The second this whole spirit of resistance and anger can eventually die down. We must foster peoples resistance on the base of vengence. We need to be on the look out for all events and demos comming up which revolve around this incidence. Tomorrow there is an event at 4:30 @ police plaza in manhattan. There is also a big event going on in the city on Saturday which is being sponsered by The New Black Panther Party and the Black Hebrew Israelites @ 11am at the Tubman Library. At these events if the situatition allows the statement needs to be read aloud. The statement is powerful and will call attention. We should challenge people on the spot to take bundles of the Revolution as well as the statement. Yes,though the statement is printed in the paper we should have thousands of it printed out to distribute freely. Also we are trying to involve people in the Brooklyn area to be apart of the creation of a banner with messages of solidarity. We found this to be a very positive experience when we did this during the wake of Hurricaine Katrina. We feel there is a basis to ask people who regularly get out Revolution to more amounts than usual. Please respond to this blog if you want to be apart of the Saturday Brooklyn team.


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