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Friday, March 16, 2007

DC Antiwar Demonstration - Newspaper Agitation and Orientation for 7 Talks

Here is an agitation that Chicago's agitation developed which teams can use in DC.

We need a massive movement that is determined to drive out the Bush Regime! The world today is a nightmare. Endless war, imminent attack on Iran, legalization of torture, construction of a theocratic state, attacks on abortion and contraception, the horror of the governments actions during Katrina.

George Bush has made it clear this will not end as long as he is in power -- so ending this is tied up with driving him and his regime from office. We must not accept having to chose between crusading McWorld or reactionary Jihad, where siding with either one of these means you wind up strengthening both. And we must respond to the difficulties the US is facing not from how to save the US, but from the interests of humanity and the urgent need for a different world.

We must bring forward another way, a better world can be created. This paper gets down under how things got to where they are now, and how a different, liberating society could be brought into being. If you are thinking about this, you have to get with Bob Avakian and the thinking he is doing about what it will take to have a truly liberating society - a communist society. Get this paper, help fund it, and take more to get back home.


Help make the most radical revolutionary communist paper available to everyone. Hundreds of dollars are needed. Buy a bundle to take back home!

And, Orientation for Distributing Talks

Some thoughts on orientation for selling the seven new talks from Bob Avakian at this Saturday’s march:

From Bringing Forward Another Way: “Our responsibility lies in, first of all ourselves understanding, but second of all giving people as broadly as possible, at any given time, a full, scientifically based picture of what is going on in the world, where the dynamics are driving things—and why—and what are the means for acting to radically transform all this, with the objective of getting rid of all these horrors and bringing a new world into being — a transformation, in other words, that would be in the interests of the great majority of oppressed people, indeed the great majority of people throughout the world and ultimately humanity as a whole.”

These seven talks from Bob Avakian are a concentration of providing that understanding for people, on the burning questions of the day. They need to get into many, many more people’s hands.

This Saturday’s march on the Pentagon will be an important congregation of people that need to get these talks and engage Avakian’s work overall. (See the NY blog for more orientation on the march overall which I don’t want to repeat all of here.) We need to make the biggest impact possible and we should not underestimate the potential. People will be there because they are agonizing about the current situation. They’ll be there because they want to stop the Iraq War, prevent a war on Iran and think Bush should be impeached for war crimes. This is really important to unite with and dig into people even more where all these outrages stem from, what’s needed to prevent further crimes, and what kind of world is possible. They need to hear Avakian’s revolutionary communist analysis and vision and get to know the person who is actively “bringing forward another way!”

We have to give all this content and substance and make sharp and compelling arguments for why people need to check out these seven talks, the Revolution DVD and Avakian’s whole body of work.

Some thoughts on approach:

We have to go at how we’ve been getting out these talks in a different way. A lot of what we’ve done before at these kinds of things is sell sets of talks one by one and have lengthier discussions with individuals. Instead, we want to do agitation and cohere crowds of people.

A few different models:

- first, when people are milling about (in the pre and post rally), we should head towards the middle and back of the crowds (we don’t want to interfere if people are listening to the speakers) and one person should do prepared and sharp agitation (they should practice this beforehand, more on that below). The other people on the team, 2 or 3others, should go around to the crowd standing around and sell the talks. They should put them in people’s hands so they can read the titles and collect money ($5 for the set of seven talks, though people can give more). They should also collect contact information. While focusing in on key points, this agitation can be a bit longer.

- second, when the march is marching, or people are walking by more quickly, this model will have to be reworked some. The agitation points will have to be shorter and more concentrated. We’ll have to see how the loud the march is being and what’s possible here, but this is an idea.

- third, we want to find the ways throughout the day to actually play the talks for people. IS IT POSSIBLE FOR SOMEONE TO BRING DOWN A RADIO AND BULLHORN, OR A RADIO WITH LOUD SPEAKERS? This would be best (we could have a grocery cart where we cart this around). If this is not possible, someone needs to bring a boom box (WITH BATTERIES) so we can play the clips for smaller groupings. We have not enough done this kind of thing where people hear Avakian right then and there.

All these models can include some one on one discussions, and again, they all need to include getting lots of contacts, but we want the mainthrust of the day to be SPEAKING TO LARGE NUMBERS OF MASSES. We’ll have to be fluid and sum up how we’re doing throughout the day.

Finally, there will be a lot of people out selling Revolution newspaper at this demonstration. This will be a very positive dynamic.

Some thoughts on the agitation:

Mainly people should reread the two articles from Avakian from a few years ago on Bringing Forward Our Line in a Bold and Compelling Way (I don’t have time to look up the link right now, but they’re They should also steep themselves in the clips from the seven talks that are online at (hit the link for radio ready clips). These would be particularly good to riff off of. People should feel free to speak to one particular question that he gets into ie the two outmodeds and the need to break through that dynamic with revolutionary communism, but should keep pointing people back to all the seven talks and why they need to check these out. The editorial that was in Revolution newspaper announcing these seventalks provides some good orientation, Also, people should use the titles of the talks themselves – these are concentrated and compelling.

People should prepare this agitation (certainly the key points) and practice to the extent possible. Throughout the day, the other folks on the team should listen to the agitator and learn as much as they can from what is resonating with people, what’s weak or too general, or what is really sharp.


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