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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Newspaper Sign Out, E-subs, and #80 Pre-Orientation

Newspaper Sign Out

We need to solve the problem of not knowing who has what newspapers. This is not a small matter. We have missed many opportunities with getting out Part II supplement for Black History Month. There is still no accounting for hundreds of that issue.

EVERYONE WHO TAKES NEWSPAPERS FROM THE STORE HAS TO SIGN OUT ON THE NEW WHITE BOARD NEXT TO THE NEWSPAPERS, ELSE DON'T TAKE THEM!!! When the new issue comes out, the first person should erase what's there and begin a new sign-out.


Recently Chicago Central Circulation requested that sellers ask people to give their name for the e-sub list. These names should be given to the bookstore staff who will forward them.

Issue #80 Pre-Orientation

This issue has a special focus on immigrants, and Part III on national oppression for Black History Month. For this particular issue , there should be special attention made to getting bundles to immigrant contacts and organizations and more broadly to immigrant communities. As well, it should get out to the colleges (especially NYU) and high schools, and neighborhoods.

On a regular basis, we should get bundles out to contacts on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday nights. And, go to high schools on Thursday and Friday mornings (going back at lunch or after school to show the DVD/sampler or listen to the Talks).

Every Saturday, 9 AM, there will be discussion of the current issue and how to take it out.


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