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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Pushing forward every advance after 1/27 in DC

** Note addendum from Revolution web site

This is a critical moment in history. A time of war and torture. A time for more-and more determined protest and resistance, for discussion and debate on how things got to be this way, what must be done to change it and what revolution has to do with all that.


Posted on Revolution Online, January 31, 2007

Resistance, Revolution, and What Should — and Should Not — Be Supported
by Bob Avakian, Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party

“People in the military need to be told the truth, just like everybody else does.”

Let's talk about the relation between the struggle now and the revolutionary goal. One of these right-wing groups tied to the Republican Party attacked me for, among other things, being the author of the following, which is part of the “Three Main Points” that appears in every issue of our weekly newspaper, the Revolutionary Worker [now Revolution ]: “The whole system we now live under is based on exploitation, here and all over the world. It is completely worthless and no basic change for the better can come about until this system is overthrown.”

Well, let me say that I will readily and proudly stand up for that statement and everything it embodies. I will do so because it is true , and because it is crucial that this truth be put forward broadly and boldly. And while clearly recognizing and having no illusions about the fact that an attack of this kind, for making a statement like this, is very serious, especially in the circumstances we are now facing, and that attacks like this must be taken seriously, indeed, and must be effectively answered and turned back against the attackers; while having all that clearly in mind, let me also say that, in a strategic sense, I am glad to be attacked in this way by these kinds of forces...

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On the newfound criticisms by some Democrats of aspects of the Iraq war

An immoral and unjust act should be opposed because it is immoral and unjust. To criticize it only for failing to succeed is the stance of a scoundrel, and worse.

Bob AvakianChairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA


Many who had not decided to go to DC. did so after the Bush's State of the Union address a few days before. Deep anger and outrage characterized the crowd. Many found this situation absolutely intolerable and were very open to taking up bundles of papers as a way to build resistance, especially the students. While most people were new to the paper and Bob Avakian, there was a lot of openness to the Three Alternative Worlds articles. Every team seemed to meet a few people who did know the Chairman. Some joined selling teams during the team, including someone who said, "I'm a subscriber" and joined in. Hundreds of people gave their names for contacts.

For now to the next issue, we need to fight through on the orientation to transform this situation, to distribute the 45,000 remaining papers. Thursday, Friday and Monday, several high schools need to be saturated with the newspapers in the morning, with another crew following up that same day with the DVD. The morning crew should tell students that another team will be there that afternoon to play the DVD. Those students who see what is going on need to take bundles into their classes, challenge their friends, their teachers, clubs, families and all of society. Teams will be going to high schools with a lot of proletarian youth who know only too well the future for them is either being another Sean Bell of getting sent to Iraq or Iran and getting killed. This issue needs to reach those youth.

This weekend, those who have contacts in the neighborhoods who haven't yet taken bundles, should take thousands of papers to them and RAISE $.

Everyone should be raising $, at the schools, in the streets. In D.C., a number of students took big bundles. We should go to contacts and ask them to contribute to this issue so that students with little $ but big energy can make ferment and political struggle on their schools and campuses, and impact society-wide.

Other outings this weekend will include the Upper West Side and 2-3 key programs.

Learning from D.C. is some suggested agitation for the high schools:
1. War and torture! It's a nightmare you can't wake up from. It's unacceptable. It must be stopped!
2. If you see what's going on, take 100s of this paper. Challenge your friends, your teachers, your family, everyone. Build resistance that can stop this!
3. The world is waiting for you, asking when will youth rise to the mission to stop this and galvanize the rest of society when you do. Humanity depends on it.
4. This system that people are living under is intolerable. We don't have to live this way. This paper has a revolutionary leader, BA, and a rev view of a world worth living in.

For others outings, the D.C. agitation is pretty good and follows:
1. Waiting for 2008 or for the Dems to act is complicity with torture and the war we must oppose.
2. Take 100s of this paper. Use it to build the kind of resistance that's needed now.
3. Students, take up the mission to resist and galvanize everyone else. Humanity depends on it.
4. This system that people are living under is intolerable. We don't have to live this way. This paper has a revolutionary view and a revolutionary leader, Bob Avakian, of a world worth living in.

Reports for high schools should be sent to the that same afternoon by 2 pm (or earlier if possible). One person from the team should take responsibility for doing so. For the rest of this issue, other reports should be submittted daily by 10 PM daily (not within 2 days). (If this 10 PM deadline changes, it will be posted on the blog.)


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