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Friday, March 02, 2007

Issue 80

Stop the Fascist Assault on Immigrants! U.S. Threats Against Iran: War Plans - and Pretexts - in Place. Bob Avakian, Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA: The Oppression of Black People & The Revolutionary Struggle to End All Oppression. There will be the new weekly discussions at the store on Saturdays, 9 AM to discuss the paper and going out. These weekend outings are big ways in which the paper can get out - come on Saturday (and if you can't , then Sunday; or come both days).

Everyone should be sure to backpack the Talks and DVD/sampler, with ways for people to hear/view on the spot. DVD players are fairly cheap right now. With this particular issue, the why do people come here piece should be played on the spot in the streets, in restaurants, barber shops, schools... Please discuss this before you go out.

There needs to be different thinking and practice on fundraising. Several hundreds of the last issue went out basically free to students and youth (and there has been some similar practice among basic people). The cover of the newspaper calls for $1. This should be our standard (with few instances where it can be sold for less), and calls for people to give more ($3, $5, $20, etc.) Consignment of bundles should accompany payment. What are we saying to people when we are calling on them to be emancipators of humanity when we don't think they will even pay for this newspaper? Teams should discuss this before they go out.

Again, the general schedule is for Wed, Thurs, Friday nights to get bundles to contacts and sell at events; Thursday and Friday AM, at high schools (and after school), also colleges; Saturday and Sunday in the neighborhood and Upper West Side. Events, programs and demonstrations are interspersed.

This Saturday, teams will go to Harlem, at a minimum.

Sunday, churches and Upper West Side during the day. A Robert Fisk program begins at 7 PM at Town Hall. Should you want to volunteer for any of these events and programs, please call the floating team co-ordinator.


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