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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Bring Forward Another Way (Issue #82)

This is a great issue. It should go out pretty broadly. A big part of this week’s plan is the D. C. demonstration on the 4th anniversary of the war against Iraq. We should encourage everyone we know to buy bus tickets and go to it. While it might not be as large as the previous one, tens of thousands are expected, including many from small cities and towns. Keep in mind that this demonstration is happening in the current context of setting deadlines for troop withdrawal/appropriation of funds and calls for Gonzalez to resign. This demonstration could be very significant if huge numbers of people not only oppose the Iraq war and attack on Iran, but also strongly call from impeachment. This could reverberate and affect what goes on at the campuses next week. Add to this the NY demo on Sunday and the impact could be magnified.

This issue needs to get out pretty broadly before and after the D.C. demo, to high schools and colleges to neighborhoods and events. Getting it out broadly now before the 17th could affect how widely and deeply the opposition to the war is in DC. Getting it out broadly now in a big way could impact how firmly and to what degree the call for impeachment based on war crimes gets taken up. Last time in DC, there was a big openness to the paper, with many people looking for a way out of this madness. The supplement, Bring Forward Another Way, is exciting to bring to people.

Also, all eyes should be on the Sean Bell Grand Jury verdict due any moment now. Please review, and encourage others too, the local party statement and Carl Dix’s statement on the newspaper website. They give people a good analysis of the problem, and of the solution, of how society could be different than the hell that millions face every day. October 22 is calling for The Day After demonstrations at Union Square. That info is provided below on this blog. Keep an eye out for any other demonstrations. Distribute the newspaper, 7 Talks/DVD/sampler.

Quantative Goals. Our goal locally is to sell 4,000 English and 1,000 Spanish newspapers. In D.C., including with other areas, an additional 8,000 English and 200 Spanish. Beside the paper team, there will also be teams distributing the 7 Talks and DVD/samplers and T-shirts. Aiming for 500-1,000 contacts. We will also bring all of the nazification of the campuses issues on hand.

DC Set-up. Buses will be dropping people off at 23rd and Constitution, the assembly site. Tere will be one bookstore table and one sellers table there from 10 AM - 1 PM. At 12:30 PM, the march will take off and end up at the Pentagon area. There will not be tables at the Pentagon area but teams will continue to go among people and distribute the newspaper, etc. The NY table staff will set up in one spot where teams easily find them to get more newspapers, etc. Please check in with the sellers table at the assembly point 1-2 times to share any experiences, positive or negative. Last time, sharing the Chicago agitation made a positive difference to what teams did. Before teams leave DC., everyone need to go to the sellers table and each seller should complete the qualitative summation sheet. Teamleaders should complete one qualitative report for the entire team (so teams should keep accurate records). Contact cards should be turned in before people leave for the march and again when they return from the march.

Newspaper Distribution. The model for distribution this time will be somewhat similar to last time of big teams, comprising of agitators, distributors passing out the newspapers, bucketeers following up for donations (and distributors getting the papers back if people don’t want it or can’t contribute - give them a contact card), getting contacts. Bundles and subs have to be part of the challenge put to people in the agitation and in conversations. This time, each team should have one person assigned to Talks/DVD/samplers (while everyone else can backpack them), and another with T-shirts. The people doing the Talks/DVD/samplers should bring DVD players, or MP3 players so people can see and listen. (Generally, we are encouraging all sellers should purchase DVD players to do showing on-the-spot in any conversation, rather than only the assigned person to do that.)

Funds. ALL regular issues of the newspaper should be sold for $1 (differs from the broadsheet for which each issue is not $1) and we should call on people to contribute more. Bundles should be sold for a down payment. Funds were low last time for the number of broadsheets that got out. Teams should be oriented to struggling for funds and politically summing up and transforming any problems.

Contacts. Last time, quite a few of the names from were small cities, and that will probably be true again this time. There was a real thirst and hunger for how do we end this war, what alternatives; and for literature; an openness to engaging. When talking to this section of people, please discuss with them setting up discussion groups around the newspapers and the DVD. They can set up weekly viewings of each section of the DVD. They should get a sub so that they can keep in touch...

There were not many NY contacts last time. Those going on the buses should think about and talk about how to get the newspaper out on the buses, and how to get contacts. The buses are the most concentrated places to get NY names. What happens on these buses can affect what happens in DC. It’s a great opportunity to talk to people.

Sunday, meet at the Revolution Books at 11:30 PM to go to the UFPJ demo: March to End the War. Sunday, March 18. Assemble at 1:00 p.m. 35th St through 39th St. East of 6th Ave. March at 2:00 pm.

**** CALL TO RETURN NAZIFICATION OF CAMPUSES ISSUES TO BOOKSTORE. If you have any, now is the time to return them to store. We want to have them on hand in D.C.************


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