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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Revolution #82


This Saturday, with tens of thousands in DC, and the call to impeach planted strongly in the crowd, people of the world are depending on us to unite with this and bring Revolution newspaper #82, including the excerpt from the new talk by Bob Avakian "Bringing Forward Another Way" ("Living in the House of Tony Soprano").

Everyone should go, go on buses and vans to ride with others, and call everyone else who has read and likes or respects Chairman Avakian and/or Revolution newspaper to come along. Take bundles of the paper in these next few days to friends and contacts. This issue should definitely go out in bundles in DC.

This Sunday is another protest planned here in NY, details to follow, and everyone should plan on spending the weekend out among the people at these events.


This Thursday, and maybe Friday, plan on getting to the high schools in the morning.

Wednesday evening at 6:00pm is an event at the Wilson Center "What Kind of Democracy Do We Have with Sandra Lewis and Bob Kerry.

Friday is a planned protest also, details to follow.

Please also remember:
- Raise the funds for the papers that are distributed. $1 is the listed price...
- Send email reports of each outing, preferrably that same day.


"Our responsibility lies in, first of all ourselves understanding, but second of all giving people as broadly as possible, at any given time, a full, scientifically based picture of what is going on in the world, where the dynamics are driving things—and why—and what are the means for acting to radically transform all this, with the objective of getting rid of all these horrors and bringing a new world into being—a transformation, in other words, that would be in the interests of the great majority of oppressed people, indeed the great majority of people throughout the world and ultimately humanity as a whole."
-From "Bringing Forward Another Way" available on


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