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Sunday, August 13, 2006

1. If you have Issue #56, bring them to the store. 2. Larry Everest Program Saturday, August 19

1. If you have Revolution #56 that you have not distributed or know anyone who does, please bring them to Revolution Books IMMEDIATEDLY if you are not going to distribute them in the next two days. Also, call the store ASAP to let us know how many papers will be returned. (If you intend to get out this issue later than the next couple days, we should have some coming back from stores.)

We are out of papers and needed them for the Summerstage event featuring Outernational and for a bookstore table at the WBAI event today. What difference does it make for this paper on the slaughter in Lebanon to be in masses' hands at this critical time and not sitting in someone's house?


2. Taking the paper out to the Arab community.

We are putting together a team to take the current paper out to the Arab community (if we can get ahold of papers) and also on the weekend. Volunteers should call the store or someone might call around asking a few people to do this.

3. Larry Everest Program on the Situation in the Middle East, Saturday, August 19, 7:30 PM. Location to be announced (check Revolution Books for flyers).

Selling teams should make plans to get Revolution and the Larry Everest flyer out to the various communities in Hanhattan, Brooklyn and Queens (not limited to the select locations this week).

3. Reports

Looking forward to hearing from all teams on how it went this weekend with the issue on Lebanon. The slaughter in Lebanon is very much on people's mind. Are we hearing them? What's being said? There's been a tendency to go out with our plans and be tone deaf to what is happening in the Middle East. (Very little was reported about Lebanon the big weekend of getting out the Talks.) There is much in our paper on the Middle East situation and in the new talks by the Chairman that should be brought to the people.


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