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Friday, August 18, 2006

Larry Everest speaking Saturday August 19th

Important Event - Spread the Word!
Revolution Books / Libros Revolucion
Larry Everest
Author of Oil, Power & Empire
Speaking on the Current Situation in the Middle East: Lebanon, Iraq, Iran – Bush's War of Terror and Empire
Murderers in Trouble, the Danger of Wider War, and How Can We – and Can't We – Stop Them
Saturday, August 19th, 7:30 P.M.
The LGBT Center
208 West 13th Street
(Between 7th & 8th Avenue)
For more information call, Revolution Books: (212) 691-3345
PICK UP PUBLICITY CARDS NOW AT REVOLUTION BOOKS (9 W. 19th Street, between 5th and 6th Aves)

New Orleans 2005, Never Forgive, Never Forget!

We are fast approaching the first anniversary. Volunteers from New York and other cities are already in New Orleans among the people. Imagine thousands of people wearing the black t-shirt, WANTED FOR MASS MURDER, WANTED FOR MASS MURDER, WANTED FOR MASS MURDER, WANTED FOR MASS MURDER, WANTED FOR MASS MURDER,.... Revolution will provide coverage of what happens in New Orleans and other cities in the next few weeks.

NEW "WANTED FOR MASS MURDER" BLACK T-SHIRTS will be available 10:30 AM, Saturday, August 19 at Revolution Books. They are part of a fundraising effort to send/sustain volunteers in New Orleans and pay for flyers, etc for the anniversary. Selling teams should be sure to take these t-shirts out in the communities along with the paper. Please do good accounting.

Have fun and report on your experience.

Saturday, 1PM - night, The Poem that Changed America... HOWL! Fifty Years Later: A Symposium based on the book edited by Jason Shinder with Jason Shinder, Amiri Baraka, Alicia Ostriker, Robert Polito, David Gates, Bob Rosenthal, Gordon Ball, Kurt Brown.

At the Bowery Poetry Club is located at 308 Bowery (between Houston
and Bleecker). Take the F train to 2nd Ave, 6 train to Bleecker.


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