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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

This Week/Weekend and Bob Avakian's New Talks!

A Brief Summation of our Accomplishments Last Weekend and Some Thoughts through Friday

Over 10,000 postcards, 1,300 posters, 1,700 stickers got out.
About $280 in donations, and about 60 Revolution newspapers.

Experience bears out masses are grappling with big questions, that the titles of the talks are not falling on deaf ears or into a vacuum. It did not take much to open up conversations and people have a lot to say.

- an Ethiopian man in Harlem came back to find out more about the talks. He stated that anything that brings about critical thought he was for. Since coming to the U.S. two years ago with a church, he was concerned about the state of the world, the environment, and the injustices that people go through but one year later realized that the church was just about controlling the way people think and not about critical thought, or trying to figure out how to get rid of the injustices, so he quit the church. He'll definitely listen to the talks.

- $200 was raised in Harlem Saturday night for postcards, posters.

- significant numbers of store owners and masses took stacks of postcards and posters.

- in East Flatbush, a laundromat worker listened a part of the first talk and was ready to listen to the whole thing. He loved what he heard and enjoyed hearing the history that the Chairman gets into. There was also discussion of the editorial and learning from the Chairman's method. He will listen to the talks and tell his friends to download them, took more stickers (he'd gotten some the day before).

- also in East Flatbush, following a partial listening to the first talk, aa father and son spoke in a restaurant on the coming civil war and what it would take to make a revolutionary movement that would have a chance. They talked about making radical changes in the world, a desire to see changes in the world, and the talks show how this might be more possible, and how revolution could be possible. At one point they brought out that it could be done by each one teach one; the team members struggled that this will take too long and this has to reach thousands, what that would mean, and how could we reach thousanads. They also raised that if we do win over millions that's good, but there will still be millions not won over, and those are the ones with the big money, - so how do we deal with that? They gave a donation and took papers.

- the Union Square team posed the question of why do people not have the right to eat which people took very seriously in trying to answer it.

Some points to think about/talk about for the rest of this week (to Friday):
- Some people are responding strongly to the title of the first talk - why?
- Why are masses and store owners/restaurants taking stacks of postcards, posters?
- How are people seeing the Lebanon/Middle East/Iraq situation? Are most of the storeowners Arab? Are people bringing this up, are we not bringing this up? What are the broader masses thinking about the situation in the world, how do they see the title of this talk connecting with what's going or, or do they?
- How are people thinking about the Katrina anniversary? What is their mood around this?
- How are we bringing up the real radical solution? Is there some tailing/lagging in doing this? When the question was posed about the "right to eat", the report does not bring out how things could be different, leaving several people saying, "it's just the way it is".
- While there is struggle over tailing religion and nationalism, there needs to be more grappling. In response to some back-and-forth with the NBPP in Harlem, are we putting forward sharply "It's a thoroughly rotten system and we need revolution" and NOTHING LESS and WHAT KIND of revolution?
- Study the editorial about this high-impact move on public opninion that gets word of this out ot literally millions of people.



- Right away, seek to talk to everyone who has been checking out Bob Avakian, his memoir, his work. And those who should be introduced to these works. Engage them about these talks, what they think, and how these talks could get out more broadly. Especially talk to anyone who may be key to reaching more broadly. Use the editorial and the points about "Now try to imagineā€¦" and "way too much of a secret" about the potential impact of these talks, and let's learn a lot about how people are connecting with Bob Avakian and unleash a lot of creative thinking and activity to change the political equation!

- A major and essential thing right away to take up with people is fundraising for production of the CDs of the Presentations and the promotional materials. Note: Having low-cost CDs of the talks available is critical to connecting these talks to much broader layers of basic people, many of whom do not have easy access to the internet and MP3 players. Lots of people with more resources will be engaged and excited by the vision of this reaching widely among the basic people and should donate to this happening. Again, the editorial gives a framework and vision of this.

And, anyone can go to and and download PDFs of the postcards and posters.

- Everyone should also plan to have fundraising buckets in the work through this weekend.

- Check this blog regularly.

We'll see you Thursday!


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