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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Wk #2: #94: Hugo Chavez Has an Oil Strategy...But Can This Lead to Liberation?

July 5, 2007

*** PRIORITY: We need a count of all papers unsold in the area. Please contact Flaco or Janet and let them know how many papers you have left unsold -- both English and Spanish as soon as possible.***

Week #2 of getting out issue #94: Hugo Chavez Has an Oil Strategy...But Can This Lead to Liberation?

One selling team found that these talking points connected with people when they went to the soccer fields in Brooklyn:

“There was a real interest among many when the question was posed, is it possible to build a just society on oil revenues, dealing with imperialist gangsters and depending on them, and that this article was saying no.

“We used the pull out quote on the second page, bottom, of the article, about the rope of imperialism. We also pointed a lot to the Three Alternative Worlds article, which people were also interested in (especially speaking to why the Cuba model is not what we need, and there is another alternative that goes somewhere good).

“To the extent that there was agitation, it was basically ‘Here's Revolution, the newspaper of the Revolutionary Communist Party, with this article on Chavez. This world does cry out for radical change, and the question is posed: can you liberate humanity using profits from selling oil in an imperialist world? This article says no, and talks about why.’”

Some other suggestions:

1) As above, sellers have found that using/pointing to the pull out quotes gives potential readers a clearer idea of what we are talking about and peaks their interest in this analysis. We are not just “going for people who agree with us”, but we’re out to engage people in a discussion of what the content of the “Bolivarian Revolution” is, where this leads to, why and how another way is possible.

“Over the last half century, oil income has both lubricated a certain kind
of growth and development in Venezuela and locked Venezuela into an
international oil economy dominated by Western imperialism.”

“Export-oriented oil production is a relation to the world imperialist
economy, a rope of control and dependence, a rope tightly constricting the
creative capacities of the masses of people. And that rope must be cut
through revolution...”

“Even if this program provides some short-term improvement in the conditions
of the masses, it cannot be sustained and cannot lead to a world beyond

2) Suggest that people buy more than one paper and get out bundles of the paper to their friends, family or to distribute at barber shops, club houses or other places where people gather.

3) A reminder to sellers: Encourage people to purchase the special 5-week subscription of Revolution – Use the contact cards to have people sign up for this offer. This article on Venezuela is the first of a series – if they subscribe they will be sure to get the whole series.

4) Displays draw attention to the paper and sellers. Teams are encouraged to make for the 4th poster boards with enlargements of the front and back of the paper.

Sellers need make sure that they have papers and other materials to bring when they go out on the teams.

We are a little over ¼ of our goal as of Monday the 2nd. We have the rest of this week to sell out this issue. We can do this. Teams should discuss the selling goals before they start off and sum up where they are several times during the outing to push further on accomplishments and break through on difficulties. We are counting on Wednesday, July 4th to be a big day to get out the paper. Our aim is to sell out this issue.

7/3 TUES 7:00pm “Iranian Women & Liberation – Neither Islamic Theocracy nor U.S. Imperialist Domination” Talk/discussion with Azar Derakhshan, Iranian activist now living in Europe. Revolution Books, 9 W. 19th St.

7/4 WED 12 Noon Anti July 4th Picnics “What, to the American slave, is your Fourth of July?” Frederick Douglass, 1852

7/4 WED 12 Noon Independence Day w/ Granny Peace Brigade & Norman Siegel in Strawberry Fields. Tradition begun by Norman Siegel in 1969.

7/4 WED 2pm NY Historical Society, Chat with Frederick Douglass, the great African American abolitionist, listen to his Famous Fourth of July speech. 170 Central park West @ 77th Street.

7/4 WED 11am Internation’l African Arts Festival, Commodore Barry Park, Bklyn, Info: & http://www.iaafestival.orgNavy St. bet. Park Ave & Flushing Ave (F to York)

7/4 WED 11:30am Coney Island Beach & Broadwalk. Meet at Stillwell Avenue at Nathan's.

7/4 WED 6:30-8:30pm Vigil: Bring Them Home Now! Times Sq. Recruiting station. Military Families Speak Out, Veterans for Peace-End the War.

7/5 THU 3pm IVAW members host barbecue for vets & active-duty soldiers, sailors & marines. At Ft Hamilton, Dyker Beach Park, Bkn (D to 18th Ave & walk 15 blocks WSW or take southbound B8 bus to Bay 8th St/Dyker Beach Park) Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW East Coast Tour. Sponsors: IVAW, Military Project, Veterans for Peace, Military Families Speak Out. Info: Jose Vasquez (NYC IVAW): 917-587-3334.

7/5 THU, 7 pm - Talk/benefit: "New Face of State Repression." W/Christian Parenti (Nation contributor, author, The Freedom: Shadows & Hallucinations in Occupied Iraq, The Soft Cage: Surveillance in America..., Lockdown America: Police & Prisons in the Age of Crisis). At 6th St Community Ctr, 638 E 6th St btw Aves B & C, F/V to 2nd Ave or F to Delancey St). Proceeds to Eric McDavid's legal fund (1 of 16 "Operation Backfire" defendants). Info: David Segal, 718-844-9849.

7/6 FRI 11:30am Internation’l African Arts Festival, Commodore Barry Park, Bklyn, Info: & http://www.iaafestival.orgNavy St. bet. Park Ave & Flushing Ave (F to York)

7/6 FRI Evening. SICKO movie lines, theater in the Village

7/6 FRI Doors open 7:30pm Celebrate Brooklyn Prospect Park Band Shell. Rewind: A Cantata For Voice, Tape & Testimony / Richie Havens. Cape Town composer Philip Miller's international collaboration is based on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission hearings that led South Africa from apartheid to democracy.

7/6 FRI 9:00pm Special Youth Night Team Club night: Ludlow street between Houston and Delancy; Bowery Poetry Club, Nuyorican Poetry Club

7/7 SAT 10:30am Harlem Team Meets at the Burger King on 125th & Lenox.

7/7 SAT 10:30am Brooklyn Green Market team

7/7 SAT Brooklyn Team. East Flatbush and/or International African Arts Festival

7/7 SAT Washington Heights Team. Dominican Day Festival. Amsterdam Avenue between 190th & 193rd. 1-8pm And/or Broadway from 157 to 168; soccer games at Inwood Park by the river, go from Dyckman west to the river, then north.

7/7 SAT LIVE EARTH Doors open 1pm; Starts 2:30pm. Giant Stadium, part of Meadowlands Sports Complex in NJ. Special Youth Night Team

7/7 SAT 10am-7pm Arab-North African Street Fair Great Jones between Broadway and Lafayette

7/8 SUN Jackson Hts Team

7/8 SUN 11:00am Upper Westside Team Meets at 81st & Columbus, north end of museum park

7/8 SUN Dominican Day Festival Amsterdam Avenue between 190th & 193rd Sts. 1-8pm

7/9 MON 4:00pm The Student Coalition Against Racial Profiling will be rallying outside the 83rd Precinct. This group of youth began organizing after 32 of their peers were wrongfully arrested on their way to a friend's wake. 83rd Precinct, 480 Knickerbocker Ave @ Bleeker St., Bushwick. L to Myrtle/Wyckoff Avenues; M to Knickerbocker Ave

7/9 MON, 7:30 pm - Film: "Sir No Sir." Acclaimed film about antiwar rebellion among troops in the Vietnam War. At Islamic Society of Bay Ridge, 6807 5th Ave, Bkn (R to Bay Bridge Ave). Sponsor: Bay Ridge Neighbors for Peace. Info/volunteer: 646-546-6642,

7/10 TUE 7:00PM - Film: "Darwin's Nightmare" At Revolution Books, 9 W. 19th Street, NY

7/11 WED 7:00pm - A discussion with Raymond Lotta: Hugo Chavez Has an Oil Strategy...But Can This Lead to Liberation? At Revolution Books, 9 W. 19th Street, NY


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