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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend: Stepping up to A Different World

To quote from this issue of the paper:

"What has begun with the introduction of Bob Avakian to hundreds of thousands is a step towards bringing a different world into being. In key areas of major cities and on some college campuses, there is recognition of and talk about this leader--and this reverberates, not only through these areas, but much more broadly in society. People across the country have stepped up to spread the word of what he is saying and doing. This is the beginning of a movement which must take shape and form and which must spread much more broadly in society.

"Now the engagement needs to go broader and deeper. Those who took out this special issue of Revolution need to get down with the ideas this leader is bringing forward and bring others into wrangling with what BA is saying in an organized way. The key way right now is to take up and go to others with the special offer of Revolution: Why It’s Necessary, Why It’s Possible, What It’s All About (a DVD of a talk by BA) and 10 issues of Revolution for $25. By doing this, we enable thousands of people who got interested by the special issue to get more deeply into the wide-ranging presentation of the big questions and main points of revolution and communism that is on the DVD. And we get them relating to the newspaper every week, where they can see how all this applies to the events of the day and can also continue to engage with new work by Avakian. This kind of crucial followup means that people will draw closer over time, on a mass scale.

"At the same time, we need in this next month to launch a 'mass movement' of DVD showings. This requires getting out postcards and flyers and posters about it to hundreds of thousands, and finding the ways to sell it very, very broadly. It means people getting together in classrooms, rec centers and libraries, barbershops, cafes and clubs. Living rooms and laundromats. In groups that come together to discuss it, or informally when people drop in or hang around."

And in this area, we need to build for the June 12th showing of the Revolution DVD at the Schomberg. This weekend we want to get out and saturate key areas of the city.

Friday, May 25

Al Gore
Barnes & Noble
17th Street Union Square
Gore discusses his new book, Assault on Reason, in which he criticizes the Bush administration’s determination to ignore and twist the truth on all sorts of vital issues.
Phone: 212-253-0810

Vigil for Fermin Arzu in the Bronx -- Hewitt & Westchester. (#2 to the Intervale stop). Bring signs for justice and papers.

The French Evolution Exhibition
Race, Politics and the 2005 Riots
Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts

The James E. David Arts Building
80 Hanson Place
Brooklyn, NY
Event will include DJs spinning French, African & Brazilian music to complement the artwork and the artist's cultural legacy.
Near Atlantic and Flatbush area & BAM

Saturday, May 26

Harlem Team
Meet at the Burger King on 125th near Lenox
The team will be out all day, give Flaco a call. All who can should come out to join this team to be part of building a "mass movement" around the DVD showings and bring more people on board to build for the June 12th DVD showing.

10:00am - 12 noon
Grand Army Plaza Farmer's market
Meet on Farmers' Market side of Flatbush across from the Brooklyn Library

12 noon
Brooklyn Team
McDonald's on Church Avenue @Nostrand

8:00 am
Protest: Dick Cheney

He speaks at West Point graduation. Meet at Veteran's Park, Main St, Highland Falls, NY; march to Thayer Gate & into West Point & then re-assemble for a rally.
Funeral for Fermin Arzu. Castle Hill and Westchester.

Mos Def: 'Black Radio'

Highline Ballroom
431 W 16th
New York, NY 10011 West Village

Piers, West/East Village, Chelsea/Flatiron

Youth Street Team

Sunday, May 27

Abyssinian Baptist, other churches in Harlem and Brooklyn
Get the word out about June 12!

Meet at 135th & Lenox, South East Corner

Brooklyn Team
Meet at McDonalds at Nostrand & Fulton (A line to Nostrand)

Operation First Casualty: Bringing the war to the American Public
Iraq Vets Against The War
Iraq vets to show true reality of war using street theater in NYC
0830 [Staging Area] Columbus Circle (W. 59th & Broadway)
0900 [Start time] Columbus Circle
1045 [Scene 6] Rockefeller Center & NBC (50th bet 5th & 6th Ave)
1130 [Scene 8] Times Sq (W. 42nd & 7th Ave)
1230 [Press Conference] Union Sq (14th & Broadway)
1400 [Scene 9] WTC Ground Zero
1700 [Memorial Ceremony] Grand Army Plaza

Afternoon Street Fairs

Brooklyn Academy of Music Dance Africa Street Festival
Ashland Place and Lafayette Avenue, Fort Greene
Saturday & Sunday, noon to 10pm
Monday 12 noon-7pm

Loisaida Street Fair
Avenue C between 6th & 12th Streets
East Village
Sunday, 11am-6pm

Washington Sq. Outdoor Art Exhibit
sidewalks north, south & east of Washington Sq. Pk
Greenwich Village
Saturday-Monday, noon to 6pm

Monday, May 28

Agitators Training

Marcus Garvey Park, Riverside Park along Harlem and Washington Heights.

Street Fairs:

-- Brooklyn Acaademy of Music Dance Africa Street Festival
Ashland Place & Lafayette Avenue
Forte Greene, Brooklyn
Monday 12 noon to 7pm

-- Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibit
University Place from 3rd to 12th Streets

-- Coalition for a Livable West Side/Safe Haven Fest
Broadway from 72nd to 86th Streets

Brooklyn Team
Neighborhood barbecues
Fort Greene

Wednesday, May 30

Revolution out to the high schools

Michelle Goldberg
Barnes & Noble
267 Seventh Ave
In Kingdom Coming, Goldberg investigates the rise of Christian nationalism and its imminent threat to democracy.

Jammin with Baraka - A Tribute to Amiri Baraka
Synod Hall on the Grounds of The Cathedral of St. John the Divine
1047 Amsterdam Avenue @110th Street
Contact Malaika Adero , 212-926-8090
Sponsored By: Up South International, Inc. and the Hue Man Bookstore
Admission Fee: $150.00


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