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Monday, June 04, 2007

6/3/07 Notes on ticket sales breakthroughs!

A phone-banking team summed up the following about how they have begun to sell tickets to new contacts that they are phoning. These are mostly people met through the broad work in Harlem and the rest of the city.


We sold 6 tickets in our first hour – approximately 1 out of every 5 conversations – when we turned around our approach to tell people the real stakes of what is going on in the world and what this event can and must accomplish and where we are at in accomplishing it.

This is how we started putting it to people:

This is part of the battle over what the future is going to be. There’s been a ceiling over people’s hopes and aspirations for the last thirty years, things are intolerable, and this event is part of breaking a hole through that. Lots of people want to see more resistance, they want to see the people stand up. BA is putting rev back on the table, he’s answering the questions people are up against about whether and how we could get to a different world. When you get what BA is talking about out there it changes what can happen.

Filling the Schomburg is a real battle that has to do with changing the whole situation in this society, this whole horrible direction. These 340 seats need to be filled with the people from Harlem, the intellectuals, the immigrants, the students – all of these people coming together as an expression of the kind of world that’s possible and necessary. It matters what you do right now. It matters whether we can say in two days that we’ve gone from the fewer than 50 that are sold now to selling 150. Buy yours, talk to your friends and sell tickets to them too. Thousands know about this now and thousands more will know and will be watching. This event will be a statement that we aspire to something else and everyone who is checking it out should too.


When we started putting this to people a whole different and eager conversation opened up – we started to hear outpourings about how sick and tired and fed up people are with the Dems, the Republicans, the lies, the whole way everything is going, and people didn’t want to stop talking. People don’t see much hope and some want to know more about how the answers BA is putting out there could start to change things and they want to be part of the event. BA and the leadership he is giving is connecting with people where they live, where they are agonizing. People thanked us.

We determined that we were going to leave every conversation knowing where the person stands: they buy a ticket, they will get materials, they want to know more (get an email or talk more), or not, and we are going to know why they are responding the way they are.

We are arranging to deliver tickets and materials to people where they live, at their job, at their class at the YMCA.


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