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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

1. Tonight, June 5th -- Come to the Final Planning Meeting for Schomburg June 12th; 2. Some Points of Orientation. REVISED June 5.

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1. Tonight, June 5th -- Come to the Final Planning Meeting for the Schomburg event June 12th

Dear friend,

We're writing to invite to the final planning meeting for a very special evening on June 12th at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture. This evening will feature a showing of selections from Revolution: Why It's Necessary; Why It's Possible and What It's All About, a film of a talk by Bob Avakian, leader of the Revolutionary Communist Party.

This meeting will take place on Tuesday, June 5th, 7 PM at St Mary's Church which is located at 126th st (Between Amsterdam and Broadway) in Harlem.

We're closing in on June 12th. Imagine an overflow crowd at the Schomburg that night, being challenged and inspired by the clarity of Avakian's insights and the sharpness of his call to act. Imagine the crowd thrilled by performances by Staceyann Chin (of Def Poetry Jam) and jazz musicians Reggie Workman, Mike Wimberly, James Spaulding and other special guests. Imagine several hundred people staying around after the program to talk to Herb Boyd, Reverend Earl Kooperkamp, Father Luis Barrios and other members of the host committee; to representatives of the Revolutionary Communist Party and to each other. Imagine that people all over New York City and beyond have been talking about who Avakian is and about his revolutionary political stance. Imagine the impact this can have on people who feel the world is crying out for radical change yet wonder what, if anything, could be done about all the ills facing humanity. How it could open up new possibilities for people to envision things being different, and for them to act to change things.

But don't just imagine all this happening, get involved in making it happen! Come out to the meeting on June 5th. Bring your ideas for getting the word on this special evening even further out. Volunteer to take on the tasks generated by pulling off an event like this. We need your involvement to make this evening truly special.

And don't wait till the meeting to get involved. Call Revolution Books or any of the other vendors outletting materials for June 12th. Get tickets to sell to your friends, co-workers and others. Get flyers, cards and posters promoting the event and get them out all over town.

For information and to get involved--Call (212) 691-3345.

2. Some Points of Orientation

Lead off and unfold everything around Schomburg event itself vs tacking DVD showing on at the end of speaking to DVD content. The foundation through all of this is the “Crossroads we face, the leadership we need.” The thrust and content of what wielding is in the Special Issue, but there’s a particularity to this Schomburg event and should be from where we step off and hinge agitation or interviews. Conventional wisdoms have to be wielded in substantiating the event vs. here’s all this stuff and if into that, come to event.

Speak to what is happening at the event, showing of DVD (giving full name, a film of a talk by Bob Avakian, Chairman of the RCP), who will be performing. List host committee and they invite you to come out on June 12, etc. Coming to this event goes up against conventional wisdom that people are too divided, they will never get together. Getting all these people together in the auditorium at this event, goes up against all this. Describe kinds of people who will be there as well, giving people a vision - immigrant proletarians, black youth, middle class professionals, etc. Spanish translation will be available. Throughout the agitation keep coming back to what is happening on June 12, the full name of the DVD, the location, the members of the host committee invite you, etc. Speak to how people coming to this presentation by Bob Avakian will change how they look at all of this madness in the world and the possibility of actually changing all of this: stoning of young women in Iraq for marrying outside their religion, the Supreme Court annexing a women’s uterus, the legalization of torture, the carnage wrought by the U.S. in Iraq, etc (Note that we have had some experience among the masses in Harlem expressing real concern about what is happening to the Iraqi people and a concern more expressed by women about the oppression of women.) Use the short quotations by Bob Avakian in the Special Issue to illustate what he is saying. We have a universal experience that when Black people look at “Why do people come here from all over the world?”, this experience changes how they look at immigrants. When immigrants look at “They’re selling postcards of the hanging.”, they respond, “I had no idea.” People come out of this wanting to go out and break down these divisions. Read Heb Boyd quotation about the DVD. Speak to the content of “They’re selling postcards of the hanging.”

Bob Avakian is someone who fought against the Vietnam War and the oppression of Black people in the 1960’s, working with the Black Panther Party. When the movement ebbed, he went forward to take on the toughest questions confronting humanity. For 40 years he has never sold out, he has never made peace with the system, and now in this dark time he’s stepping forward to give leadership to how we can put an end to this madness. He has developed a bold vision and plan of how a revolution could actually be made in a country like this and bring a whole different and better world into being, a communist world, etc.

Cite experience of distribution 1/2 million copies of the Special Issue, introducing hundreds of thousands to this revolutionary leader. Everywhere we go people are hungry for this. Not saying that everyone agrees but many do and people know something has to be done.

Again, on point that people think people too divided, all that starts to change when people come together to hear this talk. The three questions posed in the title of the video – what’s more import than people engaging those questions and that needs to be spreading. Democratss fold, war escalates etc. Day after day after day and people think can’t do anything about it, until 100s here come watch dvd, impact that has, this coheres in Harlem... then things change, new ideas come forward and can take hold a different dynamic. And here’s what BA saying...

Give people a sense they should be on a mission to build this event. All the people they know, unless they’re good with way things the way they are need to be there, and you need to bring them.


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