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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Come to the Planning Meeting!

Thursday, May 17th 7:00PM

Join in on the planning for an extraordinary evening on June 12, 2007 featuring Revolution Why: It’s Necessary, Why It’s Possible, What It’s All About to be held at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture

The planning meeting will be

7:00 PM
St Mary's Episcopal Church
521 W 126th St (Btw Old Broadway & Amsterdam)
Take #1 train to 125th. Walk east.

Information about June 12th below.


Revolution Why: It’s Necessary, Why It’s Possible, What It’s All About
A film of a talk by Bob Avakian
A special evening at:
Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture
515 Malcolm X Blvd. NY, NY @ 135th St.

June 12, 2007, 7:00 PM
Program & film screening 7:00PM–9:30PM. Reception to follow.


“In times like these, this clear voice for social change is a welcome relief from all the confusion and lies. Listen, and you will truly hear a voice of reason, with sharp analysis and deep understanding, going up against the tide of injustice and oppression...While you might not agree with everything he says, he will challenge you with his insights and a clarion call to what must be done.” —Reverend Earl Kooperkamp, Pastor, St. Mary’s Church, Harlem, NYC

“Avakian offers a full plan for revolutionary transformation, and he gets the attention of Black Americans right away on these four DVDs in his passionate discussion of lynching, police brutality, racial profiling and issues pertinent to African Americans.” —Herb Boyd, Amsterdam News

“Just like landmark art work or historically seminal music Bob Avakian’s delivery and timing is truly inspiring. The only thing more inspiring is the vision and message he presents to us. Avakian is a revolutionary leader whose voice must be heard far and wide today.” —Wil-Dog, Jiro and Uli from the band Ozomatli

In 2003 Chairman Bob Avakian delivered an historic talk in the United States, now available in video. This talk is a wide-ranging revolutionary journey. It breaks down the very nature of the society we live in and how humanity has come to a time where a radically different society is possible. Full of heart and soul, humor and seriousness, it will challenge you and set your heart and mind to flight.

BOB AVAKIAN is a creative and wide-ranging thinker who maintains a profound sense of the actual struggles, trends and sentiments among the masses, the movements of opposition, and society broadly. And, he is the leader of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA, which is seriously setting its sight on the seizure of power right within the U.S. itself, and the revolutionary transformation of society as part of the world proletarian revolution. He will take you on a journey that can change your life.

Sponsored by Revolution Books
Tickets $15.
Simultaneous translation in Spanish.
For tickets & info (212)691-3345


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