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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

On Writing Reports Upon Sellling Revolution!

We are writing to encourage more reporting back on Revolution sales. Reports could be "quick and dirty" and doesn't have to be all thought out. Reports need not be lengthy but if there's a lot to report please do so. It's better to report quickly than not at all. Send the report within a two days of the sales outing.

Write to:
In subject box: "Report - Name of Event - Date of Event”

What should the report be about – watch word: quick and basic
Number of papers sold:
Number of subscriptions:
Number of t-shirts:
Any other interesting statistical info.

What your team set out to do/what saying
What people are responding to/what they are thinking
If there were problems, how did the team analyze and transform the situation

Turn money in as soon as possible to the store. When at all possible, please turn in big bills (i.e., instead of 125 $1’s, change to 6 -$20 and 1-$5.) The store is usually agreeable to making this change.



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