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Thursday, August 30, 2007

On the 2nd Anniversary of Katrina: The Need for Revolution and the Urgent Need for Resistance

Katrina, Jena, and the Whole Damn System
The Need for Revolution and the Urgent Need for Resistance

Issue #99 is an important two-week issue on the Katrina Anniversary, calling people to “Make August 29th a day of remembrance … and political resistance!” Getting this issue out far and wide, with its exposure of this gaping sore, can play a role in propelling people into much needed struggle.

The WANTED poster and t-shirts should go out all over. The poster should be up in stores and projects, apartment windows …

Also, find out what people are thinking about the Gonzales resignation. Check out Sunsara Taylor’s article on the World Can’t Wait web site:

Gonzales Resigns -- But the Torture, Spying, and Round-Ups Continue
Drive Out the Bush Regime, Now More than Ever!
By Sunsara Taylor, 8/27/07

What’s up with a country where a torturer -- and let’s call a spade a spade -- an architect of a police state and fascist laws can be forced to resign and no one in a position of power calls for the reversal of everything he’s done and for his and his boss’s indictment for war crimes?

What’s up is a system that is so hellbent on extending and preserving its empire that a police state that tortures is the program of the whole lot of them. That’s why the Democrats grandstand and garner political advantage over Gonzales’s resignation but have not and will not oppose the essence of his program. And it is why the people must. ...


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Katrina Two Year Later: How the System Betrayed the People Again

–Clips from testimony of the “Bush Crimes Commission Hearings” and

-- a first hand report from New Orleans by Carl Dix of the Revolutionary Communist Party

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