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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Updated Orientation/Plans for #85 - Revised 4/19

4/19 additions/changes are noted by asterisks****


The basic orientation coming off the 2 week issue of introducing people to Bob Avakian and the new issue with Why Imus... on the front cover: we want to continue to saturate with the special issue and also get out the current issue. The goal we set for the broadsheet is within reach. Hundreds of thousands getting to know that there exists a revolutionary leader who is bringing forward another way, and engaging with him and his works. We can do this!

#85, the new issue, is to be sold for at least $1.

Join the sales outings below. Show Revolution newspaper to your friends and invite them to join.

Schedule for week of April 18-

Thursday, April 19

7:00Am Sutphin/Jamiaca Hub. Take the E train to the Sutphin station and go on the street level. Goal 1,700 special issue. $200 donation.

about 7:30 AM/ lunchtime/afterschool - George Washington High School, Washington Heights.

11 AM - Columbia - meet at Pinnacle Bagel, 114th and Broadway.

6 PM - Meet at Revolution Books to go out with the newspaper.

7:30 PM Rock to Save Darfur, Ethical society. 2 W 64th StNew York, NY 10023(212) 874-5210

8:00pm Barnard/Columbia Take Back the Night. Meet at Barnard Hall, Broadway & 117th then at 9:30pm a Speakout, McIntosh

Friday, April 20


Columbia University

10 AM - 10 PM Sexual Assault Yearly Speak Out (SAY SO!) Union Square Park. Description Starting at 10am April 20, for the next 12 hours NYC survivors wil ltell their stories of rape. Part vigil, part art happening, the Sexual Assault Yearly Speak Out will end the silence around the city's epidemic of sexual violence.

***11 AM - 5 PM. Earth Day Outside at Grand Central Station. On Vanderbilt Street, west side of Grand Central Station. Many bands, etc.****

3:30 PM - 7:30 PM - Washington Heights. 180th and St Nicholas.

6 PM - Meet at Revolution Books to go out with the newspaper.

***South Asian Film Festival in PM *** Please see entry below.

***7 PM - 1 AM - TIMES SQUARE*******

Saturday, April 21

11 AM - 7 PM. Harlem. Meet at BK on 125th @ Lenox

***South Asian Film Festival all day *** Please see entry below.

12 AM - 7 PM. Sunset Park sound truck. Meet at 5th Avenue and 42nd Street. Team will go on 5th Ave from 42nd to 47th back and forward.

***11 AM - 7 PM. East Flatbush. Meet at Church and Nostrand.

***Noon - 7 PM. Earth Day Outside at Grand Central Station. On Vanderbilt Street. Many bands, etc.****

***7 PM - 1 AM - TIMES SQUARE*******

Sunday, April 22

Noon - 6 PM - Jackson Heights. Meet at 82nd and Roosevelt at noon.

****Noon - 4 PM - Earth Day Celebration in Central Park
Sunday, Apr 22, 200712:00 pm - 4:00 pm
The celebration will include planting and mulching projects for families, arts & crafts, tours, and storytelling in the newly landscaped Peter Jay Sharp Children's Glade. Brady Rymer takes the stage at noon, followed by kids favorite The Laurie Berkner Band at 1pm and a dance party with Baby Loves Disco.

Coming up:

Earth Institute Distinguished Lecture Series: Collapse - How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed

Date:Wednesday, April 25, 2007 from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm EDT

Location:Columbia University, Morningside Campus, The Rotunda, Low Memorial Library

Contact:For further information regarding this event, please contact Earth Institute Events Office by sending email to .

The Earth Institute's Distinguished Lectures Series presents "Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed," with Jared Diamond, Professor of Geography, University of California at Los Angeles. Open to the public.

A book signing will follow the lecture. Reservation recommended.


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